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Everything posted by delsta

  1. anybody have some more DEL YKKstuff???
  2. :innocent: damn this is too cool those vizies are nice too
  3. navy eye keep heating it up
  4. delsta


    crae and lewis burlington fubar
  5. a dmise that hcgx is only a e2e if you include that gordo ego at the far right
  6. "the infamous ya herad of us, official queens bridge murderas"
  7. finally i can see these fucking flicks. solid funk urine dime days and stae enter cable guy trede
  8. yeah that one is banging kquas, i tried to close the door to get the full piece but no dice. its ill though.
  9. owl deshr berlin mills railway nice view
  10. new addage on april 2. peep, ya heard. (more)
  11. bumpies that wlo is nice that trailor too PUKE fucking peres ha
  12. bump! jerms nekst ricks destn samo esteme! asic suite
  13. :beat: !!!! riot and vemr on that chrome dome somber biter deasr ridle rack gasp! eye ichabod crae wyse ghouls.!!! size21 alive shit theres alot of nice stuff rolling, especially on those racks. solid post thanks for the time :spin2:
  14. damn that envys cyro is kicking rei too tre regal! karma
  15. damn, and the post is long. resto ternz yeah karma porer radio!!! pie lost biter!! ninja turtles car!! kuma!!! fush savior sigh glue
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