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Everything posted by delsta

  1. enzo and deano looking spiff aest brizo
  2. cafe loves the chicago bulls with that scheme rocking
  3. dunzo, a lil something for the cravings. people, keep benching.
  4. a lil spring break flickage for your viewing... fuck union p police in explorers with the k9 unit!
  5. sode looking good on the racks
  6. nice post gogo. aryseone on that port st joe car!! rei envys and their boy!!! arys on the orange guy erupto and met also on the orange steel whos this?vvvv
  7. xnay! sekt vida crooks acee aels that willimete car is cool, old rusty one.
  8. damn that turdl is cool epic! dfie worms vizie! glue sekt daysr
  9. diar cursive on the rack looking good daner faded but nice. karma blessed, i wish i was
  10. solid post, so many flicks, lots of good ones karma86! eye diar erupt! gasp sigh on that nice blue ride isto easy myth celf
  11. damn that snafu and asic, shit is crisp and hot. kem looking good, fly id indeed
  12. damn that kwest stuff is killa ridle tre! enu and eye looking good on the flat tracy did! big morgan on the tbox ader and dek fraze next to em. keep the post coming, they're worth waiting for.
  13. a nice post mr lode destn erupto in half then full lost aider esto
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