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  1. lberry

    we are awsome...

    i like that old tase freight from TDK crew.
  2. lberry

    $150 trespassing ticket.

    (sorry for the bad pic, no scanner just friends digi cam)
  3. lberry

    Request Hour

    got any flicks of some WH or (N)etwork type shit?
  4. lberry


    theres graffiti in san jose? or are you making a refrence to the palm pilot program instead? being that its silicon valley and all.
  5. lberry

    F'ucked up Video and tune.

    I guess the Taco Bell dog made a career move from commercials to music videos.
  6. lberry

    catched in ohio

    bump for those gigster/king wholecars, burning them autoracks.. but seriously how could there be so much blood from a spill on a bike?
  7. lberry

    so an ex girl of mine flashed her boobs at me 2day

    The only reason I clicked on this thread was in hopes of some PICS of titties. I didnt even bother reading your paragraph. youre just wasting my time!
  8. lberry

    back in surrealville

    Siar Tase Tre kose nice!
  9. lberry

    new yes2

    the only 'yes' i've heard of is the one from ugs, mdk. does that make me a toy?
  10. lberry

    Fucking 0wned..

    on the subject of funny videos heres something i found on big boys. steve from microsoft. watch him kick and yell. heres the link
  11. lberry

    dont get caught on the train

    was it so necessary for the girl to post the pic and a blog about it on the web telling every detail. a guy pulls out his dick big deal. why is this getting the spotlight when theres so much more happening in the world?
  12. lberry


    Quoted post [/b]
  13. this is a pic of that guy from anchorman, 'brick tamland' found this pic off google thought it was funny.
  14. lberry

    strangest website award goes to...................

    ABSURD.ORG this site has been around for a long time, but it seems to just keep getting weirder.
  15. lberry

    Don't Call it Frisco

    oh so thats what a "diss" is. thanks, chuck. yeah thats what you call a dis and god damn that shit is spotjock city Quoted post [/b]