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  1. i've got the pictures from a guy who works for the sbahn and made this picture!
  2. steal king, awesome. go out and enjoy your real life!
  3. too much internet-toy-talk. bot of you haters are only sitting in front of your computers, go out and spot trains in real life, not from other blogs, websites, forums. out
  4. this thread get's more and more boring. post the links to the websites, it's easier and more fair for them!!!
  5. come on, please check the size of your pictures before you are uploading them!!! half of them are also shitty
  6. check my second page www.metalliebe.de. a bunch of romantic yard pictures, at the moment more than 1.500 from yards all over the world. it's a collection site, so if you want, you can send me your pictures. examples: munich-germany japan wuppertal-germany
  7. yes, check the video here: http://tn.nova.cz/zpravy/cernakronika/atentat-na-prazske-metro-posledni-jizdu-prerusil-vandal.html
  8. desynz.de changed their concept after 10 years - from now on only train-updates. send your pictures (update every friday)! vienna 2009
  9. a mass of rome-subways and trains http://desynz.de/desynz_V7/index.php?mode=graffiti&pnp=92&ppp=36&cat=1&pncat=2
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