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  1. Publicenemy loving them fonts, brilliant!!...and love the ink art work, esp the fox and skull.. what inks are they if you dont mind me asking? are they airbrush ones, used to use an ink called magic, here in the u.k. many years back when i tried airbrushing..i found them very transparent, i guess they where good for painting in glazes for photorealism work. what done my head in about airbrushing was cleaning the airbrush every time i used a different colour.. anyway keep up the dope work!.. props all!.. pZ
  2. not been on here in time, dope work though, love the work mercer, dope as hell shortfuse..great to see pulic enemy still rockin..killer work anger..props to all here keeping this thread dope, will have to catch up on more work here when i got more time!.. character ideas..called "sissy & super strut".. just a few drawings and artwork ive done recently..post more soon.. nice one.
  3. found on comic site, http://www.thelittlechimpsociety.com/2009/11/lcs-interview-jock/ http://www.4twenty.co.uk/
  4. NEWON, your Newport.. Small world, Cardiff here.. Decyferon, I notice your prolific on here with dope outlines etc.. Keep rocking mate...props.!!!!!!!!!! pZ..
  5. Love your work man, I've no clue what so ever, on how to do anything like this, Just cant get my head around the software and programs.. I've been thinking of getting a Graphics tablet to draw shit straight on to my PC than having paper, blackbooks all around the place. Just thought it might be handy in buying a Graphics tab to draw some rough sketches etc. Is there anything I need to know before getting one? I'm pure clueless when it comes to stuff like this..I want something thats pretty decent, but don't have to be a professional one, Just something to use or get used too. I don't care if its wireless or not, as long as it draws good lines etc. I'm thinking of investing in a new laptop when windows 8 comes out, so prob get a half decent pen then. If you have any suggestions or info, could you please let me know.. Cheers man.. PS Props on the work!!!!!!!! Nice one.. pZ.
  6. Great Thread.. I thought I'd post these up that I did some time back, I begun this before hearing the tragic news about Kase2. I might rework/make a new painting as a tribute to him. and I painted this as a tribute to IZ, still not sure if its 100percent completed tbh.. This painting is meant to be a raid by the V.S, I used the trap panel from subway art because I love that straight letter style/car, and it works with the story of the image, where Poilce Esp BTP in this country will watch usually inside a train, while a piece is being done then chase and try to trap you in an ambush when the piece is nearly done.. I've got to get a proper camera and learn to take photographs I think.. as I'm here, not strictly not canvas, but I might make a painting from this sketch, or pose at least. I've begun some more work thats in respect to the original kings on the nyc subway, like futura, who painted the first piece in the UK, back in 81, in Ladbroke grove, London while on tour with the Clash... ( I'll add the picture for interest, given to me by Scam of the the mad ethnics crew) futura 1981 .....and some that are dedicated to the first generation British tube/subway writers in the 80s... I hope to work it into a series of paintings etc. Anyways.. nice one.. pZ..
  7. Always interesting work in here.. some sketches I've done recently when motivated. nice one.. pZ.
  8. Love them pictures East Swag, I think that drawing is dope too Seph.. Liking the Jimi too Nomaq, Love the overall painting, esp the way you used colour in the neck, Looks great man.. I've basically finished this Iz tribute, apart from a few things like adding some more tags to the door etc..though I'm not happy with a lot of it, I'm planning on doing another IZ painting as well as other paintings based on NYC subway writers/pictures etc..and some tributes to the early London underground writers.. I've begun this painting thats a tribute to one of my closest mates, that suddenly passed recently. (crappy phone photos) I'm doing it for his family, I'm not sure where to take it, the idea being his portrait with angels reaching down to him from the clouds etc. I'm no way religious in any form but thought it might make a nice tribute for his family, Its about half done ATM, though I've just only put colour down with the angels, I'll cut back in with colour to define there shape's and form as I add more to the painting, I should of drew it all in pencil first, but I like to rough out in paint then tweak as I go along.. I'm using acrylics, but I'd prefer to use oils or much better quality paints if I started or do another one.. Anyways If you have any ideas or suggestions they'd be more than welcome.. Nice one.. pZ..
  9. Armand Hammer, Love the sketches, really great Man.. Soup... Man Great stuff too, I cant work out how to do layers in photoshop so stuff like that puzzles me stupid.. dope B.. pZ..
  10. Cool mate, Sorry for the delay in replying, Sounds like you know where your at man, Props..Cant fault you..I guess you've answered all my questions basically.. You say you studied art in Atlanta, I'm from the U.K, but used to write to a girl from GA, She was from a place called Eatonton, and went to GMC, This was years back before computers where on the scene.... Anyways Thats a differnt story.. As I said seems you know where your at with everything, cant flault you, Just keep doing what you do best man, I do like your work lots, I admire your passion too..I've been finding it hard to get motivated with painting due to health reasons and I bit of art/painting block, you know when you cant get your shit together..Though Strangely I'm drawing lots, I'm sketching ideas for paintings, Infact I've been drawing more lately than I ever had for years, like I'm making up for lost time.. its just getting motivated to paint these ideas I have problems with ATM... Hopefully it will pass when I start my treatment, etc.. and its always good to check here and other places to see and get inspired by what other people are doing.. I'm glad that your happy to experiment with greens, blues, browns, and greys in your skin tones. Just mix up your skin tones, say white, red or brown/yellow, then add touches of green, blue, grey, just play with these mixes on your palette, adding more colour or less etc, You know the Idea, Its surprising the hues and shades you come out with. I think its something to do with blood under your skin, That has a green/blue tint in your body, but blood turns to red when its exposed to the oxygen, outside your body in the air, all near your skin, that's why your veins look blue under or skin, esp near your wrists.. And your veins are returning blood that's depleted of oxygen to your heart,.. I'm not sure if there truth in it, but I've found that mixing bluey-greys to skin tones adds something extra than just more browns, esp with male faces when painting the stubble area.. Anyways Nice one Looking forward to what you do next..I'm feeling that painting at the top of this page.. There is great work in this section, by everyone to this thread, to the Abstract thread, Drawing etc, Really great work here.. Cool...I'll post some things up soon man.. In fact its about a good time as any to paint something now.. Nice one.. Regards..
  11. I really like what your doing Nomaq, You certainly can use paint, The comments by the other's on here I will agree with, I admire your ability to paint fast, man it takes me an age these days, I used to paint fast...Anyway I agree that Oils might be good for you, but acrylics are fine to some extent.. Just I find I need to paint many layers of colour and glaze on top very similar to how I painted in oils to get a decent finish with them. When I look at your work you can see its acrylic paint, They don't have that same quality oils have, Colours tend to look washed out compared to oils. I reckon if you where to paint in oils esp as you paint fast you'd surprise yourself, I think your paintings would look much better, your style would suit oil paint..You could always paint undercoats of colour in acrylics, then paint oils on top.. Saying that its not always practical to use oils, due to solvents, slow drying times, they can be messy when you got no room/studio etc.. etc.. I've not used oils in 8-9 years, due to the reasons above. But I'm finding its taking me longer to paint a painting ironical in acrylics than when I was using oils..Due to the washed out semi transparent nature of them, so I'm having to build up more layers of colour to get the effect I'm after.. I'm going to see if more expensive acrylics are better, or go back to oils and use quick drying mediums like liquin. Though slow drying is not always a bad thing too.. Just a little tip, add small amounts of green, brown and blue to your skin tones, I think they could add a little extra depth to the paintings, just experiment, with greys to your normal palette, /skin tones..just an idea.. As with anatomy maybe you could join some life drawing classes local to you, Infact next week me and a crew member of mine, are going to start life drawing, at some classes where we live.. Its a shame its not tought much in art schools these days, Because I think that having an ability to draw human anatomy is key and an important foundation to other art forms even graff, its gives you confidence, You can't never stop learning..I think you'd pick it up really quick too..I'm pretty rusty and not to good, so badly need them, also drawing or painting from life will give your work much more depth than from photos.. Anyway I wish you luck, your certainly gifted.. Also I'm not sure if you know this guy, Some of his work reminds me of yours, He uses both oils and acrylics.. http://www.sdbarber.com/ This video is good, about glazing techniques.. I look forward to seeing more of your work in the future.. Nice one.. PS Nover Them drawings are dope man.. pZ..
  12. some old news clippings.. http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=eb8cAAAAIBAJ&sjid=BFcEAAAAIBAJ&pg=5997,936845&dq=subway+graffiti&hl=en
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