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  1. im on the couch, on my laptop, on the internet, wasting time, and i turned that shit off. im not trying to waste my time while timewasting.
  2. put the bag on your head and shoot yourself.
  3. greenpoison 4.1 jailbreakin' ? im interested in trying a jailbreak, but damn it doesnt look easy, and im lazy
  4. someone actually thinks there are retards fucking retards making more retards? they should be fucking a retard right now.
  5. Copy pasted out of a bball forum.....The reason Houston is doing this deal is because of some behind-the-scenes- "issues" with Ariza. There was a MAJOR incident recently between Ariza and another key player that really turned ugly. The coaching staff was very concerned about chemistry issues between the two players and so they began shopping Ariza for the last month and a half or so. Apparently, Ariza has a reputation for being a "loose cannon" to put it mildly (one of the reasons LAL didn't do more to retain him)
  6. fuck. shutup! or atleast do yourself the favor of making some fucking sense. no. fuck that. just shut up
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