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  1. Yeah, I suppose part of it for me wanting to come back is that there is a lot of history and nostalgia here for me. Meeting people here, old days where you could open up metal heads and see a new thread or 3 a day, the photography thread was fun. Never got to be a mod, but thats fine. Sometimes I want to see if I can start up and do my own content here, but I do so much with my website, I'm not sure I see a point. I'm glad to see that some of my threads have remained so big, like this one. I still use my original name for somethings online, onesecondple, if you remember.

  2. I mean, it seemed like there was always an "update coming" that never materialized. The site was always so new york based, but frankly, no writers outside of NYC give a fuck about NYC. I used to live on this site, and it could have stayed awesome, but it just floundered. I'd like to see it become awesome again. I'm curious to know how some of you stayed for so long. What was the draw for you?


    Instagram and such ruined the graffiti culture, that is for sure.

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  3. Well, crackedass, maybe ya just overall shouldn't be writing on other people's property to begin with even if you're even supposedly employed by them anyway. You're still not a fucking Canadian.

    I'd highly suggest avoiding any and all advice from crackedass. This is a serious statement. Someone who is that high on themselves should be avoided.

  4. What did the original Load Limit post say? Why was it changed?


    Actually the post said "I'm not a fan of mercer and his ego. And I shot with martha cooper once. See, now were best friends!" Which I believe was done in a jocular tone. Then someone got super umad, and banned another person, overstretching his powers because of some silly little internet thing, acting like he is getting jocked, when its just a legitimate dislike of someone.

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