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  1. With that being said, I just took a course this summer and the guy who sat in front of me was a staunch libertarian...and while he hated both Hillary and Trump, I remember him mentioning something about Gary Johnson as coming off goofy looking ...lol.

    We cannot have a goofy lookin president!


    I think he should know what aleppo is, I was trying to throw my faux-libertarian friend a bone. It isnt like they asked him about the peace deal with the farc peace deal, its aleppo for christ's sake.

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  2. Would you consider moving all non graffiti related subforums back into channel zero as it was in the past. There will appear to be more action on the forum as it is concentrated to one area instead of 5 or 6 different non graffiti forums and will also attract more responses as people who visit ch0 and not art or what have you will notice and probably respond to more discussions.


    It was a smart move to expand the forum when 12oz was at its peak, but now that it has gone back down fewer options for users would benefit the users that already visit and simplify the choices for users that are new.


    I agree, or, I think a general section homepage, a la reddit or rangefinderforum, where you have all the active threads popping up as new posts are posted, and then you can go into those subsections to look around. I think it would provide more activity. I post in the photography thread, but it is dead slow.


    ...and the whole Gary Johnson saying "what is Aleppo?" thing.....man.


    I have a friend who fancies himself a libertarian until he needs unemployment or foodstamps, and we were having a discussion about this. Although I feel like he should know what what Aleppo is, he is the candidate who I would give a soft pass to on that, being as libertarians are all about zero foreign interventions and what have you.



    As for Jill Stein, she is a moron.

  4. I think 12oz was amazing, met a lot of cool folks through it. There were/are certain things that I loved about 12oz that are completely gone now, and will forever be gone, specifically graffiti related.


    back when 12oz was the place to be, i would look in the metal heads daily and would see new threads all the time. It was great, too, because if you got called out for shit, there was nothing you could do. Back when posting your own graffiti online was a cardinal sin, stamp lickers. Now, it seems like graffiti is more about posting the whole action from getting in the car to painting to getting home, everything is about how many followers you have. I have thousands of trains rollin around out there, i never post them.


    Now, if someone calls you out on IG for some bogus shit, you just delete it and block them, there is no accountability for things. Yeah, it did ruin some shit on 12oz, and that sucked, but at the same time, it seemed like a good checks and balances. If some new jack toy started a thread about his sick backyard plywood murals, you couldnt avoid it, and he/she got called out, he/she fell off or got better. Not now though.


    I completely disagree about how good NYC was, i dont, nor have I ever cared about NYC except for the metro, and even that after you start seeing the world, there are better systems out there. I never had an inclination to buy a graffiti book from 12oz simply because they were so nyc centric. That might just be me, though.


    Migrating to Ch. 0 was huge, seeing people in there daily, it being a community of people, we werent exactly welcoming people with open arms, but we grew constantly and had a great atmosphere. I do hope that in some regard it comes back.


    I hate benching because I hate 90% of the sprays in the world, but I'm trying to get out and bench more so I can start a thread in Metal Heads, I feel like that is the key to 12oz's revival, good quality threads that keep drawing people back over and over. We will see.


    Wonk Saggin

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  5. My first course of action is to usually ask 12ozprophet.com/forum, it has to be the /forum. My second course of action is to usually let it get to me, and third course of action, the biggest course, is to move on, it is just graffiti. If there is a fourth course of action, its usually lighter, a "dessert" course, which is usually unrelated, like watching Magnum PI or something.

  6. Can I just say that this is fucking stupid? This isn't oak aged, has literally nothing to do with oak, but they, a HUGE brewery, who knows that oak aging is a huge thing in the industry right now, named this oaktoberfest. I'm so annoyed by this


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