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  1. I'm sorry but I'm pretty sick of this sensationalist movement where someone does some stupid shit to the police and then pays the price with their life. Did this kid in Ohio not have the internet or was he somehow unaware that pulling a gun, bb gun, water pistol, etc on the police was a bad idea? This is bad parenting not bad police work.


    I'm actually not sorry. The asshole that was killed last year for trying to pull the cops gun while the cop was in the car got what he deserved too. I'm not saying the police are angels or they can go around killing people but it is THEIR JOB to kill people that are posing a perceived threat. Yes, perception is left up to the officer but they don't exactly make a practice of hiring idiots to do police work.


    Let me give an example of my own interaction with the police. When I'm pulled over, I turn on the dome light in my car. I place my hands on the steering wheel and park in a well lit public area. No, I won't pull over on the shoulder of the highway just because you have flashy lights on your car behind me. I refer to the cop as "officer" and use my best manners. This has gotten me out of a lot of trouble.


    Idiots need to take a cue from society that doesn't think it's ok to do stupid shit and not pay the price. I'm sick of this black lives matter crap. Criminals that have run ins with the police usually get what they deserve, end of story. Not sure how that can be debated. It's not about color, it's not about age, it's about common sense. People don't have that shit anymore.


    /rant - now you can post your boob pics and millenial sweaty neckbeard opinions.



    This is some goddamned nonsense

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  2. I'm sorry


    Only part of your statement that is true. Do your legs get chapped riding on your high horse all day?


    The police are people who are given every single leeway, benefit of the doubt, every single opportunity to vet their story. They have every weapon in their arsenal, backup, radio, vest, guns, tazers, the law, the unions, everything, yet still, somehow, when they make mistakes, horrible, life ending mistakes, people still support them?


    Is pointing a gun of any sort at an officer dumb? Yeah, it surely is, but for some reason, one race gets burger king, one race gets merked and villianized. One race gets murdered for skittles and tea and one race gets to rape babies on camera.


    I will gladly stand with the oppressed everyday over the oppressor, and in this case, the police are the oppressor. You cannot sit there with a brain in your head and say that showing up to a vigil for a murdered person in full riot gear with military grade weapons is an appropriate response.

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