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Everything posted by Neskoner

  1. i saw some shit on food network when they made their own beer,it seemed like a fun thing to do but i stick to the shit at my corner store.
  2. esay exile tokeo hit that I-65 souff
  3. it was pretty strange watching the new southpark.not what i expected.
  4. you guys know what they call jewish womens boobs?? JEWBZ. anyone else catching the new southpark?
  5. arel crow enter heist jastek ridl tead.
  6. bbq chicken,rolls,mashed taters and green beans. plus i had home made tacos earlyer
  7. dont bring yourself down like that dumy..
  8. are these people really getting laughs off of posting deceased people on their website?
  9. dooder you should totally paint every train that stops near you,i mean..everything is legal in ny anyways.
  10. played the drums in middle school but that never made it anywhere... this is all i have to offer now.
  11. fuck tobacco. it causes more stress in the long run.
  12. car wrecks are lame. beer is the only thing thats making me feel better.
  13. taco flavored kisses for my benny... i saw this thing on hbo about kennel dogs,that shit was pretty rough.
  14. someone should smack the dude,possibly
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