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  1. if you have seen the art of storytelling video,do you know which at the drive in song is in chip7's part?
  2. Nah, this was like a year ago. He got tested and he's clean. -fuse. Quoted post [/b] one of my friends told me he went to some dudes house and two call girls showed up,i dont see why but for some reason he fucked one of them.std central...i tried to feel bad for him,but thats basically like putting your dick in a meat grinder.
  3. Neskoner


    i cant finish a bowl of ramen anymore..chicken flavor has become poisonous to my taste buds..
  4. HAHA,I see that big bone lick sign everytime i drive to cincinnati,funny more people notice it.
  5. killswitch engage-hope is not lost
  6. soo what ever happened with your cousin?
  7. elotes true exile cake mines bjae coupe that o'hare train too
  8. tonight was real shitty,my friend locked his keys in the trunk right before we were going to paint,cant get a locksmith till 5.
  9. Neskoner


    hope everything turns out ok.
  10. most of the parties ive been to lately have all been the same.I can still enjoy them sometimes,but some nights im tired of all the annoying drunk chicks yelling in my ear.
  11. dark mines coupe break spice. nice one.
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