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Everything posted by Neskoner

  1. hahahahaha.oh ben your are soo perfect,soo spectacular in every way...oh tacos in my tummy yummy yummy give me more.
  2. that asend is very fresh beon boozr ridl from nace sone.
  3. penn station has bomb philly cheese steaks..incase you didnt know already.
  4. Louisville,ky not a large city,but it has some nice features..and a pointless,but the biggest baseball bat in the world.
  5. Is this really something to be proud of?chicago is my favorite city and i plan on moving there,but since when was a higher risk of being killed something to brag about?
  6. heist crow ridl cake coupe when
  7. these broads have no shame in their game. v.d. central.
  8. girls are very bitter..but men are no better..were just the pick out of the litter.. it sucks when people get tired of each other. back onto myspace.
  9. sad enough,i cant remember much from this movie...its been a while.
  10. when my friend first discovered myspace he got a message from one of those profiles with only one picture of some really tan hot chick,it was the same message she sends to a couple hundred people a day,but my friend actually convinced this was someone who was really interested in him,he finally showed me what it said,i felt bad breaking the news to him that he was just talking to a tool.But i felt even worse knowing he was that gullible.
  11. yes i went to sleep last night while watching aqua teen on adult swim,my friend calls me 30 minutes ago and before i could pick up the phone i had to change the channel. shit was astonying.
  12. what possessed you to post that shit?
  13. thats pretty awesome.i wanna see this.
  14. take advantage of things now instead of whining about the past and wasting other peoples time.
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