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Everything posted by Neskoner

  1. cause french canada is the best canadaa in the land.
  2. light the building on fire.
  3. the first time i ever got a handjob,It was in the middle of the day after school,and right when i was starting to cum her sister walks into the room while my dick was in her hand and everything. everytime i see her i cant help but laugh..
  4. Neskoner

    Drinking solo

    letz goto huuwaayeee.
  5. shit its 5 here,i had a long night of dodging engines in the yard,but i still cant get to sleep.
  6. double yew teee efff... that is why you dont do drugs while pregnant.
  7. killswitch engage-bid farewell.
  8. you have been cursed,your pm's are disabled for all eternity.
  9. i know this kid and his mom makes him shave his legs. very sad....
  10. iced tea and sour twizzlers are an awesome combo.
  11. silverstein-the last days of summer
  12. i would date condi rice just soo i could start beating her later on.
  13. oh for sure. But i ended up finding this girl i lost contact with years ago after we broke up.soo it worked out for the best.
  14. that game was strange,ill take some calamari though.
  15. i left the world of myspace a couple months ago..then i gave in after a while and made a new one.
  16. i was not looking forward to this tonight.
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