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Everything posted by Neskoner

  1. These are pretty fresh styles,but too many critics,hahaha
  2. Neskoner

    Ciste Rak

    Nice stuff,really like it
  3. ill shit,east is hot.
  4. Hot stuff,i really like euro graff,great stuff,Kegr is the shit,give it up.
  5. Yano,you are a stupid mother fucker for that,you should be shot:idea: :idea:
  7. Cake,Kaek???huh?hahaha,hot shit,nice thread.
  8. Hot shit...love it,ONOROK,fuck yeah.
  9. This shit is great,ups for the mac,siloette everything,this is crazy.much love.
  10. pop yo collar!!!!hahahahha king bling is gettin down for real.
  11. grey t-shirt,paint stained khakis without a button and some stinky socks And of course bumpin WU-Tang clan,what else
  12. Much respect,Gone but never forgotten,I think Naceo was one of the greatest graffiti artists to live,but died soo young because of a drunk driver,such a shame...
  13. Neskoner


    SANE,true legend bump....No way he can be forgotten.:king:
  14. Great thread,love it,not one bad flick in here,love the coupe's.....:p
  15. Pestoe....Love it,Bump...
  16. HOT HOT HOT.Total bumpism for Dorkstar,i love those canvas's,keep up the good work.:king:
  17. Great thread,love these trains BUMP BUMP BUMP
  18. Nice flicks,love the coupe of course.Good thread
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