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  1. :haha: keep forgetting about 12oz' english teacher community
  2. first the grand prix and now this!! bloody melbourne
  3. before internet porn was extremely easy to obtain finding a family members hidden stack of porn movies was a GOLDMINE!
  4. "ma man inf left a tec and a nine at my crib, turned himself in he had to do a bid" was just unknowingly listening to ready to die and saw this thread RIP
  5. a car that isnt plastic with neons and bling! i love it, looks like it could pull its weight :P
  6. some of these stories are great History: 6000 years ago at sundown in Sodom, Israel, two Holy men of God were sharing the laws of God with sinners. They were attacked by a band of Satan’s night roving faggots, who wanted to rob, and have anal and oral sex with them. Suddenly these pre-teen and white haired old deviants, were blinded by a burst of light. This light came from God's heavenly homophobic, "gay" bashing, fag hating Angels. God was against you then fag and is today, so watch out.
  7. dont drink the water enjoy your stay :)
  8. id probably just give paris hilton a swift kick to her boney arse and laugh when she falls
  9. vyper-

    "Ideology of Evil"

    yeah its all cool as long as you dont marry the pastor boy
  10. vyper-

    The House of Bush

  11. you either love mf doom or hate him one of those sorta guys
  12. ive seen some hot young iraqi females i must admit
  13. yeah why waste beer pouring it on snow when you can get really really drunk and piss your way out? imagine telling that story to the ladies
  14. i used to love drawing pictures of death and destruction and im not that bad. well, i havent invaded any countries yet and killed lots of people (or anyone)
  15. this sums it up well. im all for freedom of speech and people can say what they want to say but that doesnt mean there arent consequences. im assuming these people are black based on comments above me (im not from the US). yeah like they wouldnt react to people cracking 'nigger' jokes on public radio or anything. just cause you got the freedom to walk upto some stranger and stab him in the nutsack doesnt mean you actually do it.
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