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  1. <!--QuoteBegin-hopeizm@May 11 2005, 03:04 AM women have very clear idea's what they dont like..... but dont have a fucking clue what they really do like Quoted post
  2. yo, luda is a good actor. i was a little surprised. not too surprised cuz i knew the dude was real witty/intelligent on the mic, so i figured he be pretty good.
  3. Try restoring the iPod with the iPod Updater. Download the latest version at ipod.com... yeah your whole iPod system will be erased, but it will quickly update again when iTunes updates all the songs.
  4. Weird movie. Very powerful. Some people didn't like it. They thought it was too depressing. I liked it. CRASH Cast: Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle, Matt Dillon, Jennifer Esposito, William Fichtner, Brendan Fraser, Terrence Howard, Chris "Ludacris" Bridges, Thandie Newton, Ryan Phillippe, Larenz Tate
  5. nah, i think it's that JaZe kid that stalked a man for two weeks because he borrowed his dreamcast and didn't return it. then he got on the news and was accused of stalking the guys girlfriend. or something like that.
  6. - playing arcade games at the liquor store. and acting like the two arcades in his store is the shit like a real arcade galleries. and the arcade is some old shit like centipede or street fighter II or nba jam because he's too cheap to update his shit. - going into barbershops and having dudes with dreadlocks walk in trying to sell bootleg cd's and incense while the barber is trying to run him out - back when you was little you called those candies "nowlatas" - back in the day when the laundrymat was your playground - waking up 3 in the morning to hear gunshots in the dista
  7. The best one. You can drop a tag or even a throw-up in the hood in broad daylight and a lot of cats won't care. Try it in the nice prissy white areas and the heroe civilians with the cellphones pop out of nowhere and people look at you and ridicule you like you just murdered somebody. Quoted post i only drop tags in the hood. If you get rolled in the suburbs its like 10 X as bad and even if you get away it gets the instabuff Quoted post [/b] yeah. that shit is gone the next day.
  8. "They're watching you, Neo."
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