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  1. I hate you all. you people know girls who actually care about graffiti. i havn't got time for girls i'm to busy stressing myself out thinking about how not to get caught when i'm doing squiggles. evil girls. i've got my back.
  2. unfortunatly the best way to learn about inks is to srcew up badly and THEN ask, it sucks but it's true.
  3. Hrmmmm, a real internet forum, you must be mistaken. move away from the computer and back to reality. life is real none of this internet shit matters.
  4. Have you had any challengers yet ? how long do you think untill you'll have to go all out and do some new EXTREME stunts on your hammock.
  5. Skinnyman. Council estate of mind.
  6. Where the what the, where are you from earo, crazy scribbles, i like.
  7. teem. do not whore photos of my shit. ok. If i wanted it here i'd put it here myself. "Mr wolf",(you baffled me with the generall cline destruction) may i ask when you saw the sure and blah blah train i know when it was running but would like to know if it got more than one run. and also for mr wolf, that generall (train) damadge kid c was talking about was pretty intense i'd be very supprised if you don't hear about it sooner or later.
  8. i think it's gold because of all the ULTRA SUS shit that's in the video and. . . ONLY REAL NIGGAZ. .. ONLY REAL BOMBERS KNOW ABOUT RUSTOS WITH THE ORANGE CENTERED TIPS.
  9. if you like them do them if you don't don't if you like looking at them look at them if you don't don't.
  10. http://pics.fotango.com/pictures/0400266438_002P.jpg'>
  11. i was going to vote for "R" but then i saw "Z Z" and yeah. . . they post shitloads but "R" has something interesting to say sometimes, as apposed to "Z Z".
  12. MAKE ]:{o> SKETCH HIS ! ! !
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