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Everything posted by fatbastard

  1. ok first we went to little caesers pizza for some peperoni pizza.. then we went to dunkin donuts the lady gave us free donut holes cause they had been there for most of the day then we went to a gas station and i bought sweetarts yes what a cool day
  2. congrats when one you are officially a loser who spends way to much time on the computer.... channel zero has turned into a nerd subculture of writers that dont paint hahahaha just like dungeons and dragons only with channel zero theres really no aim or point
  3. yeah loop troop are dope "when the long arm of the law is grabbing you backstabbing you police harrasing you!.......if all else fails i gotta good pair of legs" ambush in the night is also very dope all their songs relate to graf in some way or another.
  4. the other day just for kicks my friend and i were at a gas station dude buys a coke and the gas station guys like $1.14 he puts down 25 cents and the guy goes your short man so he puts down another dime and goes will this change your mind guy looks at him funny so he brings out one of those plastic childrens toy cop badges yawns and says ok will this change your mind....... we were at the drive thru at mcdonalds same dude goes to the speaker in an ethnic accent and goes "i vunt makdonalds" ladys like ok what would you like and he goes " i vant makdonlads" this happened b4 he couldnt hold in his laughter anymore ok so we are at mcdonalds an other day and the dudes goes up to some fat chick and says can i borrow like three fries just three iam really hungry the lady looks at him puzzled and gives him a bunch hes like no i only need 3 so she like ok, 5 minutes later he orders his value meal and returns he three fries HELL FUNNY!
  5. would you rather be ridiculosly fat or really really anorexically skinny and you have to stay like thet there is no gaining or losing weight
  6. and also you cant really, judge somone on how they behave oin the net either
  7. so what the difference between that posted and chex mix? also swif1 you said mum! your not australian!!
  8. and another thing why are americans soo fat? why do you have a arbys and mcdonalds on every corner?
  9. ok then america ok then i can say get over september 11th...it was a tragedy but beleive it or not people die in all parts of the world and in much greater quantities...(bosinia, afghanistan etc) dont get me wrong its a tragedy and i hate terrorists but you know what i mean
  10. if you could either hop on your left foot or right foot which one would you choose
  11. ^^^ please tell me your joking
  12. fatbastard


    is she 30 and live next door to you :lol:
  13. yeah man anything... i mean anything to be part of a cool graffiti, rap club
  14. fatbastard


    when i get sad i open up a bag of m&ms
  15. yer man iam down whats the crew called can i be he leader can we call it kwc kids with cans
  16. fatbastard


    iam a active graffiti writer, but i have a few problems i always tell my mom to cook me a big meal before i go out painting but the problem is that when i get too the wall iam hungry again...this stops my concentration as i am so hungry i have tryed taking food to the walls and yards but my hands get greasy and the cans fall out my hands and the nibs slip off can anyone tell me what to do :confused:
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