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  1. this post makes me happy in the pants... crae /wyse oaph vizie/poser erupto colt
  2. i like this post aswell... new tars colt45 uskae hozer navy8
  3. i like this aethetically but i dont like soccer or spending 400 dollars on any sporting equipment
  4. OsCaR306


    by far the best bapexkaws collab in my opinion.dope as hell. http://cgi.ebay.ca/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewIt...6746776703&rd=1
  5. OsCaR306


    can someone school me on how vandals fit, i usually take a 10.5-11 in dunks..i need to know asap .thanks.
  6. What team is this on the hat? Its ill.
  7. OsCaR306


    camo one is off the hingeeeez.
  8. OsCaR306

    Dalek shower curtains

    I still like Dalek designs, although I dont care much for any of that merchandise.
  9. biter,kwest, geso, and someone else on an extendo.
  10. how do you guys wash your hats..i have a few that are dirty but im scared to wash them because i dont know how and dont want them to lose their shape whatsoever..they are all fitted new era mlb..any advice much appreaciated.
  11. OsCaR306

    top labels?

    triple 5 soul lrg nike (kicks mostly) matix elwood c1/circa krew freshjive ipath polo lacoste
  12. i forget what these were on..random things..no flicks of anything vida lewis areo adlib outline throws(2) the rest were on cn flats(found a new layup!) kaput/tars savior/eulogy labrona/? streaks werd/benone bad memory..
  13. all cp hoppers... theory serzo serzo/ihad heavy metal crew!! ..done with a roller crooks/yroh thats all i can remember off hand
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