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  1. North Side White Sox fans vs South Side Cubs fans.... I am neither but i do enjoy a good ball game....
  2. Stak TFP is a boss....
  3. Nothing new under the sun... Scop RIP
  4. Nobody cares about where you're from....Chicago love or no love!
  5. I once saw graffiti on a train. It wasn't very good...but then again who I to judge.
  6. 66% tax increase ya'll and you're all still bickering about irrelevant shit? Fuck Quinn Fuck Springfield, Fuck Daley...etc.
  7. Well at least this ain't NY where out of towners run that city....
  8. Can't argue with those points brought up.
  9. I'd like to see him get in a breakdance battle with Yes 2. Now that's something to imagine.
  10. ^It'd great to see the finished product to that progress shot.
  11. Prowl...Ages....classic. KMD MOM KMD FAR.... Juds RIP
  12. Good work had by all on this page....RTD rockin it....42 forever.
  13. aaaabbbbaaaeeeeebbbbaaa Roid can do letters what are you smelling about?!
  14. Instead of sending Ether back to jail, how about sending Frugoli to jail. Put him in GP and watch the wolves prowl on that ass....
  15. CTA going corporate yet no revenue is generated back to the services provided to the passengers...
  16. IHATEU is gonna need a 6-pack of TicTacs for this! Bump...I'm not a fan of either team, but I respect and love the fact they both beat teams I hate.
  17. ^ Bump that....For me it was seeing Disck MOM crew (from Logan Square as early as 85) Pysche, Neko, Ideal, J3, T23 (these last two dudes we Chicago's answer to Philly wickeds).
  18. Lt. Angone and Mazuro got them classic picks....those fuckin' pricks.
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