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  1. Rap music is nothing more than a bunch of clicks and whistles.
  2. Make money take money.....screw for the win. Is he sponsored yet by Lowe's or Home Depot yet?
  3. It's only football man...Let em off the hook I say.
  4. I just want to know what their tax-returns look like.... But I really don't care...
  5. Remember people....all dogs go to heaven. Sweet sweet heaven blessed in the glory of oh shit! what am I on? I get what earl is saying though....
  6. It's a - thin line between love & hate And due time, a stable mind separates what's fake It's Two kind of paper takers, make no mistake You got those that touch a little Then there's those that rape I've been embraced, got a face that the game can't shake I'm known well like a Coke scale, my name hold weight Impeccable taste, medallions in symmetrical shape Since '88 been wildin' wit a Electrical tape Was a Ape to that street rap presented itself Who could beat that, so like Lennox I surrendered my belts I was felt wit five funnies, my cars was dealt Wit my money and subconscious, I was God himself The weed helped, but overall I was so Hip-Hop Certified as a cool guy to be so hott! Verbalized like 2Pac, wit a East-Coast bop Then the shit just changed, had to switch up lanes Past predicted the future, though the present exist Poetic wiser, I'm Commonsutter, it's a heavenly bliss Schooled as a little dude, only dealt as diss But you know 'em people is sick and they medicine mix So 50 it's only a run, enjoy this here Matter of fact you ain't done, enjoy this year And uh it's only fair I make this clear You could neva fuck wit me, so don't neva fuck wit me If money makes the man then on Iraq land Saddam statue will still stand on top of the sand You a fan so overall respect my hand Cuz I can see what's goin' on, I respect your scam And we can toast to the life that showed us both That trials and tribulation only bring forth growth And when we bhost, you could bet who be felt the most So live your life 'til the reaper approach.. Royal Salute (50 Cent Diss) by AZ
  7. Vizie....Jash....ShipWreck..Kane...Eye...DZ...um...yeah.
  8. Cool dude, had crazy ups when I was there in D-Town.
  9. I always heard perfect practice makes perfect, but what do I know, I don't even post flicks....blah!
  10. This is a great story and if I could, I'd give you a six-pack of tic tac props...."dated".
  11. This is the Chicago we all know and love...HATE HATE HATE!
  12. Kane dropping knowledge and gems....
  13. What if they took pictures of elected officials and documented their shady deals? Oh wait...they're only the underlings to those who maintain the status quo...fuck these guys and service they're performing here.
  14. I heard Daley picks on writers cuz he ain't going after real crime or corruption.
  15. Crowns are for clowns, forks are for dorks. KING RICHARD RULES CHICAGO....
  16. Lebron ain't coming to Chicago....boo hooo Fuck the Lakers!
  17. When will you humans learn...Diet is dope from both sides of the pond.
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