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  1. Thievery is not flattery.... Let us pray..... for a Hipster Holocaust.
  2. I heard the "war" in Iraq was justified...
  3. Fucking Sento speaks the truth!!!!
  4. ^ Best pic in here although the one before it comes in pretty close.
  5. Nowadays you gotta sneak in the library and post on the computers, like they did back in the day...
  6. ^ Looks like a fucking T.E.A.M member.... Toys Earning for Another Man....what a joke. Somebody's gotta Obey right?
  7. Werm....was and will always be a beast mode in action.
  8. Nobody likes a whiner....a wino maybe, but a whiner never.
  9. Street art... 98% of it sucks anyways, lace that shit up with a fucking tag and move on!
  10. One of the dopest crew spell outs pulled on the Midway....
  11. Let us all pray....for a Hipster Holocaust.
  12. That Syrak motion is such a great Fuck you to society and everyone in between...
  13. Oh great....not another idiot saying god bless america and fuck this place fuck that place...fuck you shorty, I represent Earth nigga!
  14. Great book, but each chapter in the book could be made into a book with more photos from those eras described. Just wish there was more photos of his material.
  15. Are there any Cliff Notes available on this issue at hand? Big up to Amuse 126, the K-Dub team and that Sawprano production just lets the suckers know that South Always Wins...
  16. I wish i had 4 hands, to give them titties fo' thumbs down!!!!
  17. Lucky man.....they grow em good down in Tejas.
  18. Somewhere, someone is tired of that bitches shit....but who cares nigga, look at that ass!
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