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  1. ^ Yeah but who's gonna know? Go ahead and order in
  2. Don't get high on your own supply...but what about a bump?
  3. ^ Sure let's why the hell not...
  4. Well unfortunately, it's an open forum. But yeah, no one should be on here airing that shit for the masses.
  5. Talk about business in the front, but party in the back! (no mullet)
  6. A dog that weighs under 20lbs is not a dog, it's a rat. (But that goes without saying, I would get me one of them fancy French Bulldogs and name him Pierre or Napoleon.)
  7. See this I can respect, you've evolved using various formats. But at least you started out on vinyl. Please pass me a mix now sir thank you.
  8. So recently a homie of mine told me that he's started spinning. I asked him what does he spin, and he tells me how he's into techno and house. I then proceed to ask him, do you spin on vinyl or CD's and he said no I'm on a laptop but I mix that shit raw. This is where I get confused and peeved (a little, not a lot). A DJ is someone who actually spins vinyl (and even CDs) but to say you're 'spinning' on a laptop, that's not deejaying, rather you're just a laptop specialist (credit due to Cubsin7 for that term). Like the music nazi who decides what playlists that everyone should listen to at a club or function at someones house. Did I miss the meeting to say "We're changing the format on what dictates a dj"? Discuss and ooontz away! This also includes the hipster a-holes who use ipods to 'mix'.
  9. ^ Great words, but that would entail a unified front for that to pop off. That and everyone keeps their mouth shut and let the actions speak louder.
  10. Damn.....before all the fancy nancy paint.
  11. They'll keep you warm at night...and it's getting colder in the Windy. (Just saying you know...)
  12. Them Nemz...That cat got some Grade A USDA style!
  13. McCarver blows Joe Buck and Joe Buck blows the whole Cards line-up. No diss to the Red Birds, but man them two are the worst commentators for WS coverage.
  14. I'll take all 5 ah dem Bahriqua's an' trow inna couple ah Chicago style hat dogs and a yoohoo!
  15. Wow..pínche Frek. Came off nice and Big E the Emte Reekster 20+ yrs no stoppin'!
  16. Can we send that creature for further scientific research in "What the fuck are you supposed to be" category?
  17. I remembered hearing a story of Pist getting pistol whipped by Telly UAC. I heard JAM crew had all the honeys in Hyde Park laced up in Polo gear looking fly at Dem Dare parties and such...
  18. I hated you at 18 and I still hate you now at 40!
  19. Winters in Chicago...and painting metal. You're gonna tuck in your hands between your balls every 3 to 5 minutes.
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