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  1. As they say...show me the paper work and I'll believe it to be true. Till then, please enjoy the show and non-bickering commentary.
  2. Would you overlook the two in the middle after a case of Natty Ice? (Just askin' you know)
  3. If anyone needs me I'm gonna be up at Bodacious Nights by the buffet table hollerin at a few Shirley girls...
  5. Finally a CS worth watching for both leagues...my prediction: Detroit vs Milwaukee.
  6. Sniff their bicycle seats...that's all I'm sayin.
  7. This thread needs Loyal2thagame postings.... AGAIN!!
  8. Dare...Englewood/Jackson Park Boss...transit stompin'. My condolences to his crews and family.
  9. Cornhustlah might be dirty but he ain't no pig. Straight up
  10. Pure....pure funk, pure soul...pure writing.
  11. At least it ain't no sticker wheat paste....
  12. ^ Came through with that classic joints...no filters just sticky fingers afterwards...
  13. If Larry Hoover was Black Stone, what was Hodari?
  14. Is it me or is Bronzeville getting 'brighter'....
  15. Lil Wayne kisses Baby (not to mention he sags his pants) and ya'll look away? Man I miss Gangstarr...
  16. Honor? Funny thing about honor is this. To Honor, for being honor and staying on honor, if you can't come in her, come on her.
  17. Yeah, both Ewoks are dope, but Chewbacca was my nigga...
  18. Yeah but we all know Hipsters don't bathe let alone shower, I heard they wait till it rains then they make a party of it. Clothes and all....wash that ass culo cagaos!
  19. The King has left the throne....Rest in Peace. You inspired thousands and generations to come.
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