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  1. From what i understand, it should be still archived but not deleted. Should, being the key phrase.
  2. So many dope things to choose from but the revelation of a perfume additive in UFBlack during the Employee interview really was a big one!
  3. Great to see all these flicks! HNY2019
  4. I haven't seen those in years but they are great if you do a reload with a really thin ink. Something with a good brake fluid works well, nice and drippy.
  5. Rest In Paint brother; you will be missed. by triKlops, on Flickr Flick was not in MA but you get the relevance. #TombForever
  6. @enteruncreativename ; go for it, might inspire others
  7. @NaturalHabitat ; you got me on that Puba joint, gotta peep that out.
  8. Loving all those lil cutty spots
  9. Rest In Paint to the brother Joey Tomb. You will not be forgotten. #TombForever #TheFormulaCrew
  10. Great to see new flicks after the update!
  11. Joey Tomb Rest In Paint Rest In Paint brother; you will be missed. #TOMB #DBM #UW #TF #FUNKrew #RIPTOMB New Bedfords Finest @j_saint43 by triKlops, on Flickr
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