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  1. Fall River Bus Station. my cousin took that picture. all the names on the bus are all New Bedford writers
  2. Rest In Peace, ANGEL AKA 3DEE
  3. Diz, Hershey, DZ178, Kong and Chaz 1982
  4. This is the one I been looking for, a friend of mine had it in his shoe box. DZ178 on south water street. 1978. This also before they built route 18. this building is still there. the old orphium theatre.
  5. 1971 BLACK & DUKE South Water St. This is where Route 18 is now.
  6. DZ178 1978 this was on the brock ave side of new bedford house of pizza when it was an auto body shop. crazy old.
  7. How Could I forget Crop, he locked nb from 86 to 87. wonder what happend to him
  9. That Tisa(Tap)-Spy piece went over Toy's piece, I remember that it stretched have way up the block. B Boys had shoe laces running on the side walk. definetly fly. Thats one picture I'm hunting for. I just got to run into the right cat for that one.
  10. Lester Lema Piece by DUKE 1970 Cottage & Kempton (This is where the town houses are now) http://i1298.photobucket.com/albums/ag57/dare61/old%20school%20NB%20writers/lester_zpsec66e34f.jpg 1979 or 80 JOJO tag to the right DZ178 top center. Green School, Purchase & Madison ( DZ178 introduced N.B. to the fat cap & Style. New York Conection ) http://i1298.photobucket.com/albums/ag57/dare61/old%20school%20NB%20writers/DZJoJo_zps7dacbc29.jpg TOYS 1983 ( Old Voc Ash & Hillman ) http://i1298.photobucket.com/albums/ag57/dare61/old%20school%20NB%20writers/toys_zps107d0859.jpg Wise 1984 ( Old Voc Maxfield & Shawmut ) http://i1298.photobucket.com/albums/ag57/dare61/old%20school%20NB%20writers/wise_zpsc5a03603.jpg I have alot more and I'm Still hunting around. I'll Be Back. Stay Up
  11. ok getting ready to post some pictures. I just set up with photo bucket. I got for good ones. get ready
  12. I know Biz personally, he was a straight up hustler / street rebel not really a writer, someone lol put a spray can in his hand and he locked down the whole city in one night, and took it from there. he was crazy like that. kool brother though if you know him.:lol:
  13. ok If I miss anybody please forgive me. I also have some flix to dig through and I'll try keeping this N.B. Thread Alive. 1970 - DUKE is the man how pissed off the police by writting "Lester Lives" on the south end police station shortly after the black panther riots. Lester Lives, Referring to Lester Lema, a 17 year old who was shot to death by three whites on Cottage and Kempton st. during a police barricade to keep blacks and latinos from leaving the west end. the death of Lester Lema was the boiling point that sparked it all. 1970 - 1975: DUKE, BLACK, DON, DIZZ and JOJO 1976 - 1979: KONG, VIC, DZ178 (who also wrote MASSIAH in the 80's), KEV, BLADEZ, TITO, ACE, CHAZ, HERSHEY, and CHASE. 1979 - 1985: TAZ, ANGEL, TOYS, WISE, DEF1, SPY2, SIRE, TAP, SANE, CIZAR, CRAVE, PERF, JUJU, CHAKIE 1986 - 1990 BASE, HASH, TOMB, ATSET, BASH, SERGE, EDEN, EMOS and all you younger catz from this time frame and beyond can name the rest. please feel free to respond, I'd like to hear from the younger generation so I can catch up with whats going in the N.B. Scene today , Peace. I will be posting some pictures soon.
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