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  1. The Elbow MacK Album drops on 4 20 on all platforms khiiiddd letsss run them veiws up!!
  2. https://youtu.be/ujhs5qgXoCk
  3. Thanks mang . I ended up adding some bright green but I kinda think I fucked it up
  4. Also staring my second album be sure to subscribe to stay tuned on newest Graff / Rap/ Instrumentals videos . https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLsYqGHHSImhaw6t38PB9ev1btZrDKeQPi
  5. My fist whole album out now on YouTube . And you can find my single streaming on all platforms just search "Elbow MacK - Frienemies " Even Alexia finds it but she reads it "Elbow Mac K"
  6. This one's the one bro . Should be on Christmas cards
  7. I'm having a little girl ! A little o to my spaghetti !
  8. Sketti da sketti https://youtu.be/HqL2-6neDQI
  9. Haven't painted in over a year just got around to editing this video together .
  10. @Schnitzel that videos dope mang.. I love stop animation!! But ...Its been a while, I haven't done much visual art i have been focusing more on instrumentals and music lately but I have done a few things I made another metal mack to hang from my car . Lol And had some shirts made And here's the music i been working if any bodys interested. . .
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