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  1. Hopp'd in the booth with the homie let know what y'all think . also painted the back ground
  2. I mean a del tec is like 300$ and then the rest on Ammo buttt yeahhh
  3. Pick your poison . Peace for a single album cover I'm working on with the homie
  4. Alot of opsites with lower case . like letter weight wise gona be harder ...but not imposile tho. As long as the core and important parts stay ledgibal the rest is all a matter of prefrence on how you want it to look Cap --- Mean - - - Base ---- Long as thats good... keep praticeing random lines off of the non important parts !
  5. Sorry about the multiple post
  6. Pen jams and a quickie
  7. Dooo not stick cans near your oven . EVER .fill a bucket with hot watter from the sink (not boiling ) and place the cans in there to warn them Safley . Also cant tell but that peice in that video I posted was 13 ° with a strong ass wind and I didnt warm no cans... but thats why some colors spay a cuple tones becuase the paints not to temp or mixed properly . But if your out and about bye/steel hand warmers or the back warmers (there bigger) and place them between your cans in your bag . Or if bombing crotch em and your body heat will keep an pretty warm
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