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  1. Cant thank eba enough for the heads up about these jelly rolls
  2. Alts? As in THE alts . big ups.mad props . aint managed to do much my self lately
  3. I wasnt stwering you wrong mang . and if you really want them to run. For ever . you take the newspaper out the front of the holders on the street and slap your sticker on the part that pushed that days papper to the front . so that way there every time somebody grabs the last paper your sticker is seen. Some time you can slip them on the inside the door too that way there its in front of the news papper but might get peeld . also say your hand style isnt that good make one stencile amd spray it on 1000 stickers . also .if your in america you can walk in the post office and walk out with as many of these (picture below )as your want . Or have somebody 18 order them online. With fakes busines name and bang 1000 at my door step
  4. I didnt think about that ,thats a great idea .Fist couple times painting it it does absord all the paint . .can also get the returned buckets of paint for close to nothing compared to a fresh bucket . people throw out good bucket paint all the time too. And give it away free on craiglist lol Repost but the most recent thing painted . i should paint this weekend if I dont got work
  5. No . I'm 25 and my mom still hates illegal graff. With the internet you dont need to do it...... Wait till you old enough for them not to have to pay your fines . if you get caught befor you old enough to pay for the damage yourself your parents will have too .. Do stickers . if you really wanna do any thing like that there easy to put up and people will see them and when your young you'll most likely have to peel it off if your caught puting it up . but it takes a half a second. To slap a sticker . where a hand style can take 5 -15 seconds . for the more completcated hands with all the extras .. And for like painting in the streets you just can't tell them bro or show them or nithing dont post it ethier. Keep it on the street or on the internet mixing both has been potentialy bad in the past for really up heads . Like hansle and grettle dont leave a trail .....
  6. So I went with 8 4x8 ply wood stood them the tall way and framed it off with 2x4 from tree to tree . you dont need to do all that . you can get two and a few 2x4. And make like a sing frame with a sheet on each side so can paint them both or put them side by side . 2 sheets give you a 8x8 foot painted square .
  7. If you really want to paint . and they want you do it legaly . you can bye Ply wood and make a wall to practice your can control on. Also canvases. But there not the cheapest things at first espicaly when your still going to progress so much more then you are now and youll look back on all the wasted canvas money like dambbb . I got stacks of garbage ones lol .but until you are super nice mostly likely other people aint going to let you legaly paint there wall . unless its a all the time legal wall . witch they have a bunch depending on were you live you can google leagle graff wall near me . most skate parks have legal walls . bur your stuff is not likey to run on them because there normally revolving walls so the stuf changes alot . . And get a resporator . for real even if it looks funy and feels funny it will save your body from all the chemacils in the paint . good luck with yours moms mang .
  8. Thats not an extension so to say thats more of a eye catcher extra like "hey look here" I feel . imo
  9. A print I found on the street bye a trash can
  10. That jk wet and wild throw (fire emoji)
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