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  1. ????? i need to do attachments and such :::::::::::SAE:::::::::: thats the original letter smith if im liein im diein
  2. do people put sketches up here??? if they dont, dont u tell on me http://learnmyname.com/sketchs/emyt_wholeCar.jpg'> subways used roc in .... rhode island? http://learnmyname.com/sketchs/tyme.jpg'> http://learnmyname.com/sketchs/spoke_01.jpg'> http://learnmyname.com/sketchs/wiz_st8_up.jpg'> caught this on mars http://learnmyname.com/sketchs/00j_rath.jpg'> think ALL IN THE FAMILY.... we could really use a crew like ups again riot: 1. risd students through (halloween?) jamboree in tunnel 2. noise attracts attention of risd security. 3. as inept secruity they crumbble into a panic 4. call 4 back up =ing, the very tolerant providence police. 5. as to not jump to rash conclusions they decide tears gass is the way to go. 6. tear gas is fire into tunnel mouth 7. where 180+ risd students/ locals/ passer byers/ random parent visiting/ not me, were cornered 8. then was the stampeed ( that was fun... feet head neck tear gas, the hurting, the pain) 9. where runners were grabbed by 5 ruffed up and the like 10. cruser windows were broken 11. arrests were made 12. next day news billed it as satan worship... 13. the legend began... or so im told
  3. again again {flip side_gonna_show_you_my_OOOOOH_face} right and tight dawn_patrol_rising once upon a time you had to roll the tunnle?!?!?! who remembers that riot anyone? he knew... he flew... he was there... depending on who you ask he won how bout sketches...
  4. DA ragga muffin love come gimmie some ragga muffin love ok i'll see what else i got... remember rave? the wiz/ vase battle?What insect had ri streets soed?Who knew? who flew?when u could get caught painting and b asked to just go home?................................................................i heard things plus k_GUY u might have called me twice but asked for the wrong m_f_in_GUY, get my email from the "flower man" :{ wink wink nudge nudge louie_armstrong_upstrong_many_missions_acomplished [ i got mines i hope u got your self some spots] bread: it helps u buy stuff but its also good to eat.YUM
  5. {twa} flight_check OK http://learnmyname.com/ri_flidix/rth_prys-rth-2.jpg'> http://learnmyname.com/ri_flidix/bst_rth_qck_rth.jpg'> http://learnmyname.com/ri_flidix/3vase_1.jpg'> http://learnmyname.com/ri_flidix/rath_fll_rvr.jpg'> http://learnmyname.com/ri_flidix/emt-bmb-rthbmb.jpg'>
  6. .....::::[uNIDOS PARA SIEMPRE]::::....... http://learnmyname.com/ri_flidix/emyt_2001_ridath.JPG'> http://learnmyname.com/ri_flidix/zatsysytemyt.jpg'> http://learnmyname.com/ri_flidix/em_ups_rath.jpg'> http://learnmyname.com/ri_flidix/A_NICE_spot_once.jpg'> want more?- we can open the ;KING'ME' vaults Undefeated_spot_pounders_all_NineDees DSM...{u no me} upstrong_like ABI... death from above plus... tyme to rock??? love is love
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