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  1. wow. all this time ive been just looking at brickslayers and there is a whole freight thread. YOU REALLY HELPED ME OUT MAN!!!! THANKS!!!:D
  2. it sucks working all day....i was nerding out on some railfan page and came across these. this is some vintage shit...big up to joe blow @ krunk.cock
  3. Re: weird stuff you kind on the tracks i found a playground ball like you use for 4square with 5 or 6 syringes lying next to it. another favorite of mine are the shitty kickon rims, for some reason i find them in the yard pretty often.
  4. that minz roof is in the most random spot, the funniest part was watching aker fall off of it trying to get up there. ahhh memories.
  5. saw this logo going by, the car was restamped as bnsf. so i was wondering what was up with these gems? anyone still see them around? and heres another bit of eye candy
  6. buffalo 66 is a good movie...i never saw the brown bunny but heard it was good too, homeboy is a weird dude though. reminds me of harmony korine.
  7. damn...made my day for sure. gotta love those subway cars.
  8. i heard the middle east had a "killer" scene.....mad puns intended.
  9. that broads life just officially got ruined....thats like the most degrading shit ive seen in a minute. the corn is even that mega trife fmv shit they sell at big lots....never gonna live that one down shorty.
  10. that mother sure could throw some snow gotdangit
  11. saw one in idaho...craziest looking thing ive ever seen.
  12. shits gonna get stamped anyways....rbox is notorious
  13. "a bitch is a bitch" love seeing the old streaks, awesome post as usual.
  14. maybe more later...too much shit to dig through right now
  15. inspired by hoagies....all are pretty old(obviously). free aye3! motherfucker has been gone way too long! more in a second
  16. nothing better than snow flicks...that kerse with the fucking ice going over it cooler than freddie jackson sipping a milkshake in a blizzard.
  17. stephen's chi is already focused sharper than a tack...i heard he can bend spoons with his mind
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