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Everything posted by baLLeRplAyA

  1. seriously....how many times have we been through this already? :rolleyes:
  2. i caught a few of these the other day...nice post.
  3. Just for you Stephen http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLfpian_dCQ shit thats probably gonna come off a little gay...
  4. bump stevie nicks when she was hot, a total blow fiend, and didnt sound like a goat.
  5. that j-dilla shit a few pages back made my day
  6. nice post...that frisco is money, but i could def. do with less of those damn waffle cars round this way, matter of fact you can have them. enjoy!
  7. big jems still raging through the buff!
  8. guess thats it... peace, be wild.
  9. the yard was smelling like shit.... all over the last couple weeks. more...
  10. we been gettin too trill off stem hits of that bomb 70....coors light and septa rides to the upper 50's fo lyfe son!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. thanks stephen...i'll be geekin on that all the way to philly
  12. its a real shame to see good pieces gone over with pure shit.
  13. fuck it...fully flared in HD is worth the 5 bucks for the grip!!!
  14. i found close to 3Hundies in an envelope the other day....but a flat screen, damn.
  15. no doubt...those EECs and HS are keeping some real gems in circulation.
  16. i i just caught these today...i see a lot of really awesome restamped EECs some still have the original paint. these things get around for sure though. this one is mint.
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