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Everything posted by baLLeRplAyA

  1. great post....those eec's really get around!
  2. righhhttttt.....:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:
  3. theres another one, its just as awesome
  4. now you know, and knowing in half the battle.
  5. this has nothing to do with virginia but i am pretty sure i just saw a sleepy straight letter on walker texas ranger. if im wrong, sorry for wasting space...but if i saw chuck norris roundhouse a latino gang member in front of something i painted i would be fucking stoked.
  6. the streets are rough, the buff is tough, and richmond is known to be the home of the haters...so take that for what it is.
  7. really good post, some nice catches for sure
  8. at that spot they probably had to fight off some zombie crackhead prostitutes as well...
  9. mulder blew it when he didnt lay a pipe in skullys ass.
  10. that sigh is on some next level shit...
  11. pores, bzee, gush, aroe, sigh.....putting the bump in the trunk.
  12. i forgot to say, the ziplock and 2short...A+
  13. once again with the fire big steve...im glad you took a flick of that whiter than white jank as shitty as it is, i need to get some sun.
  14. taking it back...there are some jewels in there.
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