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Everything posted by baLLeRplAyA

  1. give yourself some credit homie...i've always thought you were on the cutting edge of spray art techniques. your use of multiple methods of paint dispersal has often left me feeling like a caveman flinging paint at a wall like some sort of neanderthal jackson pollack. holler at your boy.
  2. i'm really looking forward to the point in time when its super cool to just paint a big square with a double wide outline and do a tag next to it. just wait...its coming. good post
  3. Smokey, this is not 'Nam. This is bowling. There are rules.
  4. i think that guy works the door at barcode...
  5. i think you have to have a 5th degree wizard status to even get within 3 feet of the guy. his magic is strong.
  6. looks like you benched these on the surface of mars.
  7. thats what i'm talking about....vicious
  8. here's to 40s and blunts at that shitty trailer park....an amazing period in VA graff history.
  9. antagonize? thats a pretty big word for a graffiti forum, if the spots hot, dont go there...thats all im saying son.
  10. the only things that make spots like that hot are bootsy lookin' dudes running around with cameras. be smart.
  11. stealin' shit from flickr like whoaaaaaaaa....anyone still take photos?
  12. not all from VA but all caught there.
  13. i cant speak for anyone but myself, but i think i would rather see pictures of drugs on here from now on. i mean if your going to put yourself out there why not go all the way.
  14. stephen you have my #1 favorite tag in town...if i wasnt so lazy i would post the pic...soon i will.
  15. that 1st jerms and owl are pure fire...
  16. wow...time warp...sorry about the fluke the other night gundog. get at me soon.
  17. listening to all the little philly graff kids trying to figure out what the dyke piece said was even funnier than the shit he wrote in it...
  18. that philly piece is old...and that spot is busted, kids must love it though cause everything there gets gone over in less than 20 minutes.
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