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Everything posted by baLLeRplAyA

  1. i cant write too much about that post........i think i need to check my pants. i would kill for spots like that.
  2. those look like some ill spots, i assume by the trains these were taken in the great white north?
  3. that last funk was ill........
  4. popquiz, ghoul you better get a licence to operate that shit.........your gonna kill someone. keep that ill shit coming. mask is a fag....... DLR
  5. heat wave...... muse/kern e2e - NS box ugly/moca - NS lyes lyes lyes - 3 or 4 NS worm x 2 - rbox alot of old sigh chisme expert charactor syntax - looked like it used to be an old christmas production but all was buffed except the door piece
  6. been awile..... richmond va worm/? - rbox scar 1.0 - readable csx hopper sigh as usual reup/repay i dont even remember all of them roanoke va bzee - CN flat to much a2m to remember muse - WC halfcar straight letter rime/kern my mind is gone ill have to look at the flicks when i get them
  7. did you get flicks of the yak/merlin?
  8. felon hollow on a UP tanker looking thing rime / yak railbox cread rolex southern box sigh / aest ns hopper lots of tags.....to many to remember
  9. to bad your a faggot and everyone that knows who you are wants to kill you.........RICHMOND DONT PLAY AROUND
  10. vandel x 2 moca rei21 old ass coalcar OLD elk/expert like 97 old sigh/aest arkansas something box rime/kern kern x 2 gmrc erupto lyes/expert coalcar
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