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  1. Bosco

    13th Colony Representative

    Not a problem, I was wondering the same thing, I thought that boxcar was quite a catch for late 06/07...
  2. Bosco

    Endangered Species

    Heres some interesting flix I've taken over the past 6 months... Berlin Mills, the second one didn't leave the spot untouched... Retired Solid Gold, now a CSX Storage car at the yards in Atlanta: Dope older UP flatty still rollin' with the "We Can Handle it" logo SP Autoparts boxcar caught rollin' Abandoned Chessie System flatty left spotted at a warehouse, makes you think if the RR just forgot about it or if the warehouse bought it for extra storage? Check this out, an old Penn Central boxcar that went to CSX after the Conrail splitup, fitted with a rollup door and personnel door, this car is used in M.O.W. service on CSX...
  3. Bosco

    Endangered Species

    Heres some logos I caught rolling, the hoppers were in their original paint except for CSXT stamps... I love catching old logos from raillines of the past...
  4. Bosco

    13th Colony Representative

    Alright thats all, enjoy the flix...
  5. Bosco

    13th Colony Representative

    Alright, all flicked by me in the Great State of Georgia in various locations along various rail lines from the past year, hold all comments til I'm thru...
  6. Bosco

    For the love of Creosote

    Nice Post and thank you, I do appreciate the streaks!...And love the smell of creosote!
  7. Bosco

    Bumped up and car tossed

    Nice Flix....HERBY!
  8. Bosco

    Ferrocarriles Chiapas-Mayab

    Heres one I caught rollin' in Georgia... Any idea on how many cars are in the fleet? I'm curious if they just lease their pool of boxcars through North America, or if they actually are routed back and forth from Mexico...The St. Mary's RR (reporting marks SM) down in South Georgia at one time wouldn't have been able to fit every boxcar it owned on its trackage, most of its cars never even saw home rails...interesting thread though, thanks...
  9. Bosco

    fr8s ever just bore the shit out of you?

    Freights never get boring to me, I love driving from spot to spot, catchin' flix and streaks, walking lines, exploring, meeting railworkers/Hobos, benching...its gotta be in you. I've been into freights since I was a kid, I still get excited when I hear a train horn in the distance, luckily I work near the CSX main and can see trains pass from my job, I see the Tropicana daily rollin'...I fiend for the trains sometimes and hope for clear days and picture takin' weather...my friends who don't understand, think I'm crazy, I prefer drinkin' beers at the bench or in the yards with other freight headz.
  10. Bosco

    The Railroads are hiring like crazy

    Hell the RR's are still hiring now, alot of them are trying to appeal to returning Military Veterans. All kinds of jobs are available, from freight car repairers, signal maintainers, to conductors. I'm acutually in the application process for a conductor position now, trying to stay where its warm in the South, I don't wanna be hangin' off a boxcar with isicles on it...
  11. Bosco

    derailments in ur town?

    Every once in a while derailments occur here, I've seen a grainer on its side ride off a poorly maintained shortline track near my old house, I've got flix of a Golden West and UP box derailed and drilled into the ground near one of the yards in Atlanta...I've also seen RJ Corman's rerail crew working on getting some cars straightened out as well.
  12. Bosco

    Mexican Frieghts

    I get Mexican boxcars out here in GA at a certain location, the boxcars are in a pool service, finished goods from Mexico, scrap/recyclable material back to the shipper...the boxcars are dope as hell, definently different with the instructions in Spanish and English for the railworkers on the sides...I've also seen retired Mexican Locomotives in leased motive power for CSX a few years back...
  13. Bosco

    Endangered Species

    I'm seeing the Berlin Mills rollin' thru Georgia, about 4-5 the last few months. What about Milwaukee Road boxcars? or those old St. Marinette Tomahawk and Western boxes? Missouri Pacifics are dope catches too.