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    The Babble

    the article was written by Chris Hogg.
  2. marcos raya and nola zirin, good stuff. i like the mucha pieces as well. some good installations outta rice univ. http://ricegallery.org/new/exhibition/ matt curry, show at lineage in philly bored at home over the holiday...
  3. post it up then Quoted post [/b] i posted a few up above...steadman on the wall is dope.
  4. process, material, concept, mark making etc...I just see the same image driven/stylized work and artists posted. If that's what inspires people then keep on, not knocking it...i'd just like to think that people look outside of that box...gotta get on the road.
  5. i notice there's always an appreciation for illustrators or illustrative work on 12 oz...i appreciate it for what it is and dig a few artists that fall into that category but c'mon...there's more to it than that.
  6. some folks that make stuff i like...mostly painters. Your probably already familiar with most but there may be a few worthwhile and sorry, not links to all. lyonel feininger charles demuth (landscapes) seurat's drawings robert ryman anything by durer moshe kupferman tiepolo's wash drawings anshelm kiefer (sp) franz ackerman andrea zittell matthew ritchie alex katz philip guston vieira da-silva andreas gursky jim dine julie mehretu sidney goodman john puglisi (john puglisi.com) chris burden william christenberry richard artschwager yves tanguy sherrie levine (photos, and sculpture) post more that aren't the usual writers/juxtapoz/skate etc...i'd like some suggestions also.
  7. yeah, i just finished the first season...anyone have the second season saved on tivo?
  8. i dig the wash drawings as well the cheesy canvasette paper is good for that too...it's better to get a couple going at a time and let the ink dry before working back into it. and india ink is really all you need. unless the other ink is cheaper.
  9. Epik, fuckin fresh... maest freakmyke
  10. good to know caes is still rolling.
  11. wait a second, arts lehigh...coulda let a brotha know...
  12. Sorc bcj

    Request Hour

    stuff from memory: sien5 gondola with herby character diabolics e2e any old credit pieces a timeline of solo artist streaks an unweathered black and white 21rak mane top to bottom a soe piece from around 99 preferably on a simplot a high holiday car that stupid square on a tanker smith grind people said kero so how about kiaz scam punks el truncon and caes....
  13. adrenochrome or whatever does not exist as a drug, it was made up by thompson his attorney was based on oscar zeta acosta a real attorney and one of the leaders of the brown movement. depp spent several months living in thompsons bsement and following him around...thompson really does speak in short spurts with pauses...maybe not when he was younger but certainly in his later years depp does exaggerate a bit though...and both the movie and the book are great. Rum diaries is probably my favorite, curse of lono is an easy read as well. and rum diaries is still in pre production...rent or buy breakfast with hunter if you want to get a glimpse of what he was really like.
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