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  1. hey thanks for the helpvMainter, but i am not using it at school i am using it at home, i just can't access my school email, basically anything where i have to login it won't let me. I have been trying to figure it out but i can't if anyone knows of anything else to do please let me know!! thanks
  2. I can not get onto my school email or Gmail, or sign in on ebay with firefox or internet explorer. With firefox it says "the connection was refused when attempting to contact ...." and with internet explorer it just says the page cannot be displayed. If anyone has any idea how to help me with this i really would appreciate it.
  3. i have to get a collection started, anyone who wants to help me get started hit up the email
  4. save up some money play more guitar gain more muscle take a vacation to see my old friends make a couple videos relax and take it easy
  5. is there any possible way to recover files after putting them into the recycle bin and emptying it??? i think that i am fucked, but i was hoping that one of you computer geniuses would be able to help. thanks for all of your help
  6. anyone seen the new railside films video yet? Here is the link to check it out
  7. i don't write anymore so i am not worried about. i just thought it would be a cool idea and one that would actually work, i know a lot of people want to get down in the 12oz passaround book but it takes forever to get it, this way people could send me sketch in the meantime and still do the book
  8. i am going to start a passaround book. this one however is going to be a little different, since i have tried to start 2 previous passarounds and they have been stolen immediately. i decided that on this one i was going to have anyone who wanted to be in on it send me their contribution, preferably on the standard 10 x 8 inch piece of paper. i will update this thread very frequently, as soon as i get something i will put it up, which will solve the problem of having to wait to get my book back before i take the flicks. anyone who wants to be in on it send me an email and i will get you the info on where to send it.
  9. every time it changes pages it pops up the page, is there any way to let it run without it popping up over what i am doing every 30 seconds?
  10. trickone


    yo this, wheres my book at??
  11. well i was going to send one out also if this went well, we can see how the response is and maybe if there are enough people who are interested then i will still do it, the more the merrier right?
  12. I really like this idea, if it works well i will also send out a book, so that more people can hit it up in a shorter amount of time, same rules apply, if hacer or crack aren't cool with it let me know, but i think its a great idea and if done right can be a really cool thing
  13. oneeightyone those are dope let me know about buying or trading for your work
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