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  1. this is fucking hilarious.
  2. bear


    nifty like a motherfucker.
  3. debt ghouls. colt45. streaks. chip. nace. crnot.
  4. menes. tre. navy8. chip. arek. ichabod.
  5. spoter pause. nace. xrae. navy8. dyer. tsa et al. glue. nesm. kern. chip.
  6. tre. dever. porer. gsouth. the summer.
  7. think hardware store, brother.
  8. so nice. crae jerms lead. mber. cense. chip. gsouth. chisme. resto. rime. tre. rumor. utah. vent. oze108.
  9. sooo nice. snow shots just don't exist in texas.
  10. lewis worms. abhor. vic20. cobra. myth. sewon. kinda like those morge ones, too.
  11. worms lewis wake. chue. aest. ichabod. newa.
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