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  1. If it is true I will say you deserved it.
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  2. I thought I was excaping student loans by diving into work after dropping out of school senior year. Biggest fuck up that I've learned is blaming an entire resume of shitty work-stays on my money problems. I have hopes for Trump's presidency, and the last eight years have been absolute hell. I made it through, beaten down by living at moms, drinking my way through nights of bleeding out money. A lot of it was my lack of wanting to work in a political state of CA's very personal problematic Bay Area bullshit, which was highly influenced by my East Coast family's ties in Obama's reign of terror. I know it's not commonly held in high regard here, but I started work when it was still the Bush era. Working in high end restaurants kind of forces you into trickle down economics, and I had the highest positions that I could, being front of house, which was usually right in the dead middle pack of a lot of heavy hitters.
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  3. Yeah, I agree. For sure though, what I learned in school was out of date even when I was learning to code. I was interning at a place pushing for responsive web design as a standard and my teacher was like no its a fad...haha
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  4. I appreciate what 12oz has been in the past. When I first signed up, it was when I was first getting into paint and all that. I think what kept me around was the fact that there were places to talk about other shit and actually learn something or even just interact with people on other levels. I know for a fact though, as soon as I saw Instagram come up, I knew people were going to just make random pages and just start using that to post and post less here. I am pretty sure because it is easier to get your work seen instead of having to stay in one city or region(one post here on 12oz brickslayers). There should be a better way to 'discover' or get things seen at least on Brickslayers. I think what needs to happen is find a way to bring good video stories or something to the site, Q&A with artists(but there will be trolls), Merch(connect with a service to print on demand if you don't want to hold stock), and yeah as mentioned get people posting on the blog again. I think 12oz as a brand should be more of a hub for the culture than only forums, which means the quality of production or execution should be higher, and I know that is easier said than done, but I am sure there are enough connections there to get folks inspired to contribute. Shit i know it might seem like a stretch but why can't 12oz have a show on Vicetv? Any connections there? :D Anyway Im just spitting out what comes to mind here, I appreciate all your work, and I can see it being bigger than just a forum but the hard part for sure is figuring out what the focus should be and how to chunk out the steps into small goals..
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  5. I do front-end work in the web industry. I went to school when it was just starting to pick up momentum in regards to Visual Design taking over and Responsive websites were just starting to emerge. When I was in school the only parts I paid attention to was Graphic Design, HTML,CSS, Video and Sound Design(for trailers, video shit). Anyway, I was there for 3 years and got a 5 figure debt at the time not caring cuz I had a little one coming and just had to get up off the couch and figure out what can make me some decent money. Even 3 years ago I noticed there are so many free resources to learn how to code and build web apps etc. So for my field you don't need to go to school, you just need to know that you enjoy code enough to create small projects for yourself, truly study to learn the basics and push yourself to alway tryout new technology. Raven pointed out pretty much those most popular ones, however youtube has a lot of independent developers teaching. I think all creative fields pretty much just want to see that you know what you are doing and that you can own your work. We have hired people with marketing backgrounds that just like coding or graphic design, same with customer service people that wanna learn.
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