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Q about chrome mop INK

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howdy how bros and hoes

I got some reaaal issue going on right now,hope someone will help or just share the own experience.

So april 11th,place-Latvia,Riga, I have tried to make nice mop for 2 months now,and its going nowhere,but basically theres only one problem:the lines arent solid.

I am using this paint-


cant read deutch,unfortunately,but it is aluminium powder paint and I dont know with what should i thin it(if thats the case)

But I have tried to fill up mop two ways: 1st I filled it with this paint+paint thinner(not Acetone),2nd just this paint,cuz this mixture of 125ml chrome is pretty thin,but result is the same- when mop is soaked with paint after I push it a quite time vertically,I try to make tag and lines are lucid,almoust transperent,everything is going good are drips,its like the letters are empty but surrounded by this drippy mixture , to make good tag I squash my mop real hard to put pressure and then smear thing on surface,it feels like stabbing the walls...:scrambled:

OH and heres my mop-



thank you

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Well in that case there is a thread about this. Also just try using a different bucket paint since it sounds like you aren't using the best paint or something if your lines are coming out translucent.

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well I chose to make thread on my own,because it is pretty common problem for homemade mops. Oh well,I got what I got,the paint is 125ml so it is piece of cake to rack,also it is pretty thin,but I suppose not thin enough for nib that mop has,properties are good on brush paint is well in pigment ,but ill try acetone today and tell how it is

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