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T.T Boy

pop gun war. the interview.

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man6000: so popgunwar eh

man6000: tell me a little about the name itself

MOOV: yeah one of many identities

MOOV: hmmm well its actually a stolen title.

MOOV: from a comic book i like

man6000: oh i see.

man6000: do you read alot of comics?

MOOV: sorta

MOOV: i read the newspaper comics daily

MOOV: and books on occasion

man6000: do you like spiderman?

MOOV: no

man6000: do you think he could take batman

MOOV: i hate "superhero" comics

MOOV: i think batman is way cooler

MOOV: batman is an insomniac who has a butler

MOOV: thats rad

man6000: even tho he has no real powers

MOOV: yeah hes buff though and chills in classy enviroments

MOOV: sorta like me haha

man6000: hahah sure buddy.

man6000: ok moving on

MOOV: well im workin on the buff thing

MOOV: haha

MOOV: ok

man6000: ok, do you have a beard?

MOOV: no i cant even grow sideburns yet

man6000: would you like a beard?

MOOV: i do have a sorta goatee when i get lazy though

MOOV: nah beards are for lumberjacks.

MOOV: and arabs

man6000: what about a thin beard?

MOOV: nah thats some homo shit

MOOV: i dont like beards

man6000: ok fine.

MOOV: haha why do you have one?

man6000: im aing he qesios hepl

MOOV: ? was that german?

MOOV: haha

man6000: im asking the questions here pal

MOOV: ok

man6000: what do you think about graffiti these days

MOOV: hmmm

man6000: like it or hate it

MOOV: combo

MOOV: i think that whitekids who do cholo style suck...

MOOV: and i hate all the trends that people go through

MOOV: and....

MOOV: graffiti elitism....

man6000: agreed. moving on. whould you shop at walmart?

MOOV: its writing on shit for christs sake

MOOV: hell yeah walmart is the jam at like midnight

man6000: really? it closes at arounjd 9 here

MOOV: you can mullet scope and buy britney spears gummi worms

MOOV: its 24 hours here

man6000: wow i should move.

MOOV: indeed.

man6000: britney or christina?

MOOV: Britney.

MOOV: no contest

man6000: why?>

MOOV: she has luscious thighs and lusty breasts and a tight ass and a cute face

MOOV: and i bet she moans

man6000: you think those tits are real?

MOOV: no

MOOV: but i dont really care cause in reality ill never feel em...

MOOV: but....

man6000: do you prefer girls shaved or unshaved?

MOOV: i heard that her and timberlake made some pornos

MOOV: at their cabin

MOOV: unshaved

man6000: really? do you have a hook up?

MOOV: i just heard this info today...

MOOV: the tapes are gonna be released online or some shit

man6000: id like to see that but moving on,

man6000: ewok.com or ewok hm or just simply cosmo kramer?

MOOV: oh man....

man6000: ok never mind. the answer is obvious.

MOOV: i hate ewok.com's shit. its just not my style...and i bet he wears ecko and sean jean and shit just from what i heard....

MOOV: ewok hm has some flavor. but i bet hed hate me

man6000: really? moving on again. p diddy or puff daddy?

MOOV: and kramer reminds me of my best friend, leroy.

man6000: kramer is the man. no contest.

MOOV: fuck them both.

MOOV: oh wait

MOOV: its the same fag

MOOV: he banged j-lo though

MOOV: thats some punk points

man6000: he gets props.

MOOV: definitely

man6000: ok, no on to another section.

man6000: i say a word, you say what comes to mind.

MOOV: ok

MOOV: ok

man6000: banana

MOOV: penetrate

man6000: boogie hands

MOOV: haha no

man6000: washing machine

MOOV: theft

man6000: graffiti

MOOV: john travolta

man6000: sports jacket

MOOV: indeed

man6000: ok this is going nowhere

man6000: more questions

MOOV: yes

man6000: do you like high fashion

MOOV: of course i do.

man6000: do you like prada?

MOOV: god yes.

man6000: i thought so.

MOOV: their new line for this spring kicks ass

man6000: i agree.

MOOV: and i think i found a way to come up on some

man6000: so, where is your dream travel destination

MOOV: tavarua in the fiji islands

man6000: why?

MOOV: crystal clear water and endless glassy lefts.

man6000: that sounds nice. would you takeme there with you?

MOOV: if you surf, sure

man6000: would we go for long walks on the beach

MOOV: thats negative. we'd have our women with us.

MOOV: they'd occupy us in our huts

man6000: i like this idea.

man6000: so what do you plan on doing this friday night?

MOOV: tonight?

man6000: yes.

MOOV: can't say or id disclose my location.

MOOV: it'll involve alot of gasoline though.

man6000: ok. wheres the wierdest place youve had sex.

MOOV: in a rocketship nosecone in the middle of the day, or in an abercrombie dressing room while i was working.

man6000: wow. thats crazy. where do you find these girls?

MOOV: it was only one.

MOOV: she found me

MOOV: she was phillipino

MOOV: haha

man6000: nice. good score.

man6000: was it raw sex?

MOOV: yeah she was fun.

man6000: would you do it in a mcdonalds bathroom?

MOOV: nah

MOOV: in the ballpit maybe

MOOV: but restrooms are grimey

man6000: ok.

man6000: you think theyll find osama?

MOOV: nope

MOOV: i think we're gonna get nuked here in the US though

man6000: if you were him where would you hide?

MOOV: its gonna come in through a harbor

MOOV: ummm

MOOV: i'd go to some sheeba's palace in arabia or somethin

man6000: why there? why not disneyland?

MOOV: cause disney is for suckers

MOOV: dont even get me started on cartoons

MOOV: haha

man6000: yeah i wont. smarties or m&ms?

MOOV: smarties!!!!!!

MOOV: i snorted that shit in middleschool

MOOV: before the s.a.t.'s

man6000: i got one stuck up my nose one time

MOOV: no joke...crushed em up with my #2 pencil and snorted them through a hollow pen shell

man6000: thats pretty gross

MOOV: it made me bleed

man6000: your ass was bleeding?

MOOV: nope

MOOV: nose bleed

MOOV: my ass never bleeds

man6000: are you sure?

MOOV: i coughed up blood when i did alot of morphine once though

MOOV: yeah pretty sure

man6000: do you smoke meth?

MOOV: no i dont smoke

MOOV: i stick to liquor and pills

man6000: ok

man6000: im about out of questions, anything youd like to say

MOOV: about what?

man6000: any props or anything

MOOV: hmmm

MOOV: yeah whynot.

MOOV: thanks man ill take the props.

MOOV: ive had many screen names on 12oz

MOOV: so i deserve props

MOOV: i should be elite by now

man6000: ohhhh elite thug. well sure thanks for the interview



ttis man6000 popgunwar is moov

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