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Mom, what are your friends doing?

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WTF – i was coming out from under the hwy tonight thinking about goin out later, and a woman with a HUGE brown .dog walked by me into the area she nodded to me pulled the beast closer to her and kept walking towards the walls.


i kept walkingdown the street but then thought about where she was going, she looked like one of my mom's friends – late 30s early 40's – what the fuck was she doing under the hwy? the spot is on a deadend street, behind a couple of old brick mills, no way out except over a fence onto the tracks, not somewhere to take your dog for a walk.


So i went back and saw the dog tied up and she starting to roll the wall SHIT, why she buffing out a tag under a hwy ? there are plenty of buildings in town she could clean up.


So I watched her, decided that old or not she had a great ass,black tight jeans,brown boots, worth watching for awhile. that is when i saw she wasn't buffing it out at all, she was doing a background for a piece! WTF?


I grabbed my phone to take a pix when the dog starting barking and growling staring right where I was hiding. she stopped painting, went over to the dog and said loudly “ i'll give you a 4 minute head start before I let him go, cuz once he gets your scent, your dumb ass is his” I didn't move til she called out '3 minutes and 26 seconds – I lit out of there and didn't stop running til I ran in my back door.


i need to go back and take a pix of what she was doing but i will wait a few days that dog was the biggest fucking dog i ever saw.


When did moms start writing?

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sorry but this story is unbelievable,... most likely youre gonna say that you went back to take the picture but its was already buffed, lol.

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