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  1. “He’s having a fucked up day” says the stabbing guy after he’d stepped on his stomach. I usually partially defend people who do shit like this by saying that they have a mental illness. After watching the first third of that video I think I do.
  2. I think your all missing the bigger picture here: After seeing five pages of this thread, and upon a mental review of some of the dogs Ive taxed, I think its time to either win an oscar or end my own life. And its hard to win an oscar.
  3. Re: Anual Peanut Butter/Vegemite/Nutella debate(aka P.B. rules, vegemite takes it in the a TILL I DIE!
  4. Motherfuckers that write and draw and do everything with their left hand bug me out. They have to curl their hand in an almost three quarter circle because their hand blocks their view when they write and it looks weird and results in stupid handwriting and bad drawing. I dont know if thats actually true. But I wonder if its a genetic thing or a learned trait. Actually, I dont give a fuck. Quite it PHILLIP, start being ambidextrous.
  5. captaincrawl.com searches mp3 blogs for full album downloads for you. best thing ever
  6. I hate it when people don't exercise common and easy practices of politeness. Be polite motherfuckers!
  7. shucks chap your just a tad late.
  8. my friend has MS and she shits herself on the regular, like a few times a year, just randomly. shes super regular about it and not embarrassed at all, even though shes pretty girl y. we're able to laugh about it all the time because shes just like "this one time when I shit myself..."
  9. I have always wondered what those BNE stickers were about. I had hoped it was something more interesting, props to this dude none the less.


    super cool job you good dude
  11. They are about nine dollars in Chicago now. I usually buy online or smoke roll ups.
  12. I love that they hired an actor to reenact the hand steez. or lack thereof
  13. When do you expect HTML5 to take flash over?
  14. its totally real go buy everything on there and look like a super cool dude
  15. That Ear gif is one of the worst things I have ever seen.
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