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  1. I don't know what it is but really shitty graff looks good in D.C. Bump Soma
  2. Bubba The Toecutter Johnny the Boy Ruinr & Tride
  3. Thanks for the detail shot on the one zombie character. I thought they looked shitty in the first three pics but the fourth verified it.
  4. Good to see some new Sler. Glad he is back to hitting trailers
  5. I guess Toes is taking Syke 101 right now
  6. Pretty stoked to walk past this out in SF. Good spot+Good sprays
  7. this thread always gets really good then out of the blue wack as fuck. it never fails
  8. I mean we all on here to look at paintings by dudes bro . Shit I mean if you think about it dats kinda gay bro. Then you notice dicks and shit but you gotta be silent cuz you don't want to sound gay. Fucked up world man.
  9. stole from virginia thread
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