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i think ghost riding the whip may be spreading overseas


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america is the nexus of faggotry






WiimAn says:

cassim my bro's friend hit my motorbike with his car

WiimAn says:

fucked it up abit . so his looking at a bill coming his way

WiimAn says:

might have to get a new paint job

you'd like bigger bread? says:

shit, was he trying to park ?

WiimAn says:

he was fucking around with his gf in the car and as he i dunno he got out of the car and it was still moving and smashed into my bike

WiimAn says:

doesnt make sense to me haha sounds sooo dump

WiimAn says:

dumb* haha


..yeah it does

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i wish the one dude got his hair stuck in the rear axle and his scalp ripped off









and i think they are just wearing sandles like jesus




no skates




pretty ill though


way iller than some half retarded faggots running along side their cars acting like rodeo clowns

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what would a negro be doing in that neighborhood?


there are alot more negros in the suburbs than they're letting on. rental's mum's neighbourhood is about as whitebread upper middle class as it gets and there are tons of black folks living there. she even has an nba player living a couple doors down

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