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Timber, Paser, Berlin and Video MFK but im to lazy to post up flicks... scar and elk are both "the man" too so good post on that.

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^ and you (orig poster) put up an Amaze picture, no dis to the guy but come on, that's a stretch to call "mold breaking" or original, I doubt Amaze would claim that he's operating far outside the bounds of preexisting styles. Talking about the mannequin maybe? Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm not too up on what they're doing but I thought the animatronics was a Barry McGee thing. Anyway. Props to that big throw up, it's dope regardless.


Bump MooseKnuckle's reply to the other copy of this thread (Sento).

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Mainly i was talking about the giant throw, and the idea of doing a legal throw the size of a building. i'd think most people would do a piece. the mannequin is an eye catcher too. Nobody has any flicks of writers they think are original? weak..

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scar and elk definetly original - not much to my liking, but i cant take the originality factor away. like someone already said the giant throw ups are not necessarily original. a novelty maybe, probably the largest to date, but giant throw ups are as old as cap on the 2s and 5s. i think the artists would agree.


that 3d piece and the skull with wings? whats original about that?

no dis to the artist but

3d pieces - not original

icon graff - not original


here go some writers i think have done some pretty original things with letters and still managed to maintain legibility. proving that you dont have to make unreadable letters and disguse your graff with euro paint and custom cap tricks to be original.




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Allright, here's one for the assembly. Kept KIL. I'm not sure if you'd say he's achieved 100% new stuff, everything has a root (maybe even an ideal form if you want to get Platonic) and the thematic concerns as well as the asthetic choices can be linked to predating art or design or (other cultural substrate) etc. But break it down however you may, dude's commited to keeping on trying, at the risk of comitting graphic and symbolic failures in the publice eye, to make something genuinely new.












^Bump for that last one, shit is proper, just found it myself while looking for examples.

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