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Everything posted by breakn'da'law

  1. props to the whiskey guzzling, yats blasting, asian super warrior............mr. miagi would be proud!!!!
  2. spud video merlot fresh.....
  3. that last flick ain't no mfk......just a wannabe
  4. Cotton Belt Big badge TOE restamp UP big badge Gotta love the downtown bench spot... Dope shit man
  5. wanted to thank all the writers that made the jam right!! good lookin' out on the travel and productions and going to the top! special thanx: etch, druid, jigl, brisk and syw.
  6. exhaust painted more yesterday than you have in your whole career. no one takes you seriously and you sound like a straight whiney ass bitch. you painted over burners with shit and claimed spots that never belonged to anyone let alone you. you are a retard.
  7. lets see the new paser, nosey, betor prod asap!
  8. bump that RA production....hot to death......
  9. purp leather face. castle greyskull
  10. captain hbak all day! that weird gigantic thing is an airbus or 747 engine component......
  11. nice..... some new guys paser/timber split pier kamit
  12. that new paser xhaust wall is fire..... those oringe photos look doctored and photoshoped.
  13. the gods of graff demand a sacrifice!
  14. uncle smellcro owes me 2 csx pannels.........
  15. but u post em up like a good boy!
  16. wrucknasty someone post that cents outline skatepark joint....fire!!!!!
  17. its gonna take alotta h20 to put that out! someone post that fatige bmx park joint someone post that timber paser grey scale prod
  18. too late!!!!!!! crow & webs did hollows & other garbage on pieces & any open spots.
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