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  1. Waste jacked from the Newyork thread.
  2. Somebody post some Enzo. I didn't know the guy but RIP.
  3. You people talking shit on this guy seriously have no fucking respect. What the fuck is wrong with you people?
  4. Hahahaha!!!!!!! Thank you weather man! Now you people see what I'm talking about. hat's exactly what I was talking about.:lol:
  5. And what the hell is that supposed to mean? I really don't understand what it is that you are trying to say.
  6. Somebody really needs to post some of this guys NYC shit. I know it'll be hard to find and most likely if you do find it, it'll already be ragged.... but his Cali shit looks like it was doen by a completely different person. I think these kids just don't realize how shook dude is in NYC.:lol:
  7. Ummm... What??? Where the fuck did that come from? What does it have to do with what I said? Why are you so angry (unless you are Haeler)? And what in the hell is a "bear burger"???:lol:
  8. Also it's a million more cops on the streets in NYC, a million more snitches and heros out in the streets 24-7, and a million more bombers to compete against in NYC and the city is literally covered in graff making it way harder and take way longer to make a name for yourself minus the aid of posting your flicks on 12oz which most writers would feel like a herb for doing. So I have no idea where you're getting this info that shit is easy like that. Have you ever even been to NYC?
  9. If it's too easy then why does your Haeler come off so shook? Look at his shit in Cali, then look at his shit in NYC.:lol:
  10. As far as I know Haeler has never been to my city. My opinion is unbiased and based on the flicks that he posts of himself on the NYC thread. Nice try though.:lol:
  11. And what's with blacking out the cans on the ground? You trying to make it look like it wasn't legal?:lol:
  12. It's funny how all his Cali shit in spots where it looks like it's either legal or he had all the time in the world, he pulls it off. But when it comes to street fills and hands he comes off like a young kid writing for the first time. Maybe he's too shook when he bombs.:lol: I'm talking about the shit that he's been doing in NYC. And aint he down with MSK? Cant one of them school him on handstyles?
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