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The Quarterly Shai Hulud Update, Vol. ???

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So, I've decided that it's easier to just post occasionally and let everybody know that I'm still out here keeping things weird, than it is for me to try to maintain some kind of 12 oz./Web presence...I know, it's not exactly the best way to do things, but with the way things have been, I'm surprised that I'm able to do even THAT right now.


So, on with the chronicle.


I haven't seen or heard from my ex since the middle of March. I was planning on doing a quick fade with whatever I could load into the back of my friend's van when the lease was up at the old place, but somehow she beat me to the punch. This was due to the fact that I was out of town for part of the week prior to the move, for sanity reasons...at some point, she showed up, grabbed about a third of her shit, and left the rest for me to deal with. She didn't bother to clean anything, or leave any kind of explanation for this....boom, suddenly it was now MY responsibility to handle all of the crap, and I wasn't clear on where most of MY shit was supposed to go! Well, I freaked out...there wasn't much I could do since I came back three days before the Big Day, so I ended up putting all of the shit she left behind on the corner. Somebody came up, I'm sure....so, there's how that chapter ended. And, just to make it a little more interesting, my best friend decided to call her on this, and my ex (who got this whole disaster rolling in the first place) flat out lied, saying, "Oh, I worked it out with the landlord, he was going to just haul all of it away for me in exchange for the deposit."


"Well, that isn't what happened, just so you know....all of your shit ended up being his responsibility, and it fucked up his plans pretty bad. It's all at the corner of XXXX and XXX, in case you forgot something." Click.


(You know, lie to me....whatever, wouldn't be the first time... but not to my best friend, bitch. Had this been something I had seen coming, I could have planned for it...really, now.)



I am still at the house I ended up at in early May. It is, as they say, a Shithole of epic proportions. We have two bathrooms on seperate floors- one has a working shower, and the other has the working toilet....and, I live beneath the one with the toilet, so I get to hear everybody doing their business from the comfort of my own bed. This isn't as bad as it sounds- it's mostly funny, and I have plenty of blackmail material to work with now, so I guess you have to decide whether it's a pro or a con. The place is covered in graff from stem to stern, enough to where even I have kind of gotten over the novelty of being able to write/paint on the walls...now I just write on people's doors whenever I'm in the mood, or they piss me off. It's basically a squat, but we're dumb enough to pay rent, so that's what it's like. Hey, I didn't end up homeless, so I guess things could be worse. As a sidenote, some 12 oz. folks have lived at/visited this place, so they will know EXACTLY where I am...and yes, guys, it hasn't changed. Feel free to stop by, and bring something to drink. You know the rules.


Unfortunately, I live with some real wackjobs...full-on SSI cases, with criminal minds to boot. I thought I was scandalous, but when it gets down to the nitty-gritty, I have a LOT to learn, it seems. It's gotten to the point where I shred all my mail before I throw it out, and keep all my money tied up in travelers' checks. It works, but it's not exactly my idea of la dolce vita.


What am I up to? Well, mostly programming, trying to figure out if I want to pursue some kind of tech job in the near future, and I've been doing some creative writing...on the computer. I am at a point in my life where I could be bombing if I wanted to, since I don't have much left to lose...but I'm just not feeling it. I should be out hitting the bricks with a vengeance right now, but the spark isn't there....and there's no sense in forcing something involving creativity to work for you, I think. However, I am working on other things, so my creativity is just being channeled differently. I have a new website (blog?)- stylishdrunk.memebot.com- and I post about what it means to be where I'm at, and some insights into the situation that I feel could be useful to others...check it out.


I did meet a really nice girl, though...never gonna learn, right? We got to spend some time together, but she had some travel plans that took her out of town for most of the summer...hopefully, things will work out, but being the cynic that I am, I can't help but think that the smartest thing to do is to simply be grateful for what I had, and leave it at that...oh well. She's one of those people that I don't have to explain things to- my love for alcohol in all of its many-splendored forms, why Hickey is the best band in the Universe, why I don't have a job, the importance of style and the irrelevance of being clean, and on and on....there's a unspoken understanding on many levels that I rarely find with people between us, and after living with someone for two years who was constantly puzzled by my strange modes of behavior....it's refreshing, and more than anything I hope that the friendship continues.


That's about all that I can think of, for right now. If anybody wants to keep in touch, there's always my Myspace page (thanks to Dhabz) that anybody can reach me at...also, I think my email address in my profile, along with the Myspace info....both of those are fairly reliable ways to contact me....even if I'm not so reliable.


With that, I'm outta here...hope everybody is doing well, the new 12 oz. layout is cool (though somewhat confusing), and that's that.


En Amistad-



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Wow, I didn't read any of that. But I miss when you used to post in the EastBayShits thread. That is all.

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i read it good story. You still making those bags? because if so i would like to commision one.

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hey where do i buy locking straps for that bag you made for me?


you forgot to secure then ends and at some point they slipped off









and since youre trying to change your life to some extent i suggest you get down with the hyphy movement

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good to hear from ya shai. was on soulseek the other day and wondered what you were up to.


<--shape, by the way.


anywho, good luck with things.

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Cash, you can get all the hardware at REI on Brannan. Just bring the bag in, you're looking for a 2" buckle and a pair of slide locks...should cost no more than three bucks to get you going. I don't go to SF much these days, but I could mail you the parts with instructions, too....but, try REI first.


Unfortunately, bags are not happening for the time being. My machine is here, I just don't have any interest/motivation right now. Since I found out that I have carpal tunnel, I have to be careful about what I do and all the programming is definitely not helping things. I'm wearing braces almost 24-7 these days, and I don't want to have to take any more drugs to deal with it as I've had enough of that shit for now. Additionally, my doctor told me that I have a pre-arthritic condition, but if I'm careful, I may not have to worry about being fucked for a while...getting old sucks...I wasn't planning on this, and being an artist and having to deal with something like this...it's fucking scary, believe me.


However, I can give you a good lead- if you need something specific or weird and can't wait, talk to Reload. They aren't cheap, but I helped Ellie out when she was working out of the Cell Space in SF, so I know the product and can vouch for the quality. I don't look up to too many other people in general, but she's on the short list, no doubt about it. Her turnaround time is pretty good, usually no more than two to three weeks, and if you are near Seattle or Philly you can go talk to either her or Roland in person. Check it out- http://www.reloadbags.com.


So, not the best news, but I'd rather be on the level and not have to say, "Sure...got six months or so?" It's kind of like that right now. Maybe I'll post some pics of some other stuff I'm working on....I live with an amazing cartoon artist, and that got me back into painting and drawing...I go through this all the time, not knowing what the fuck I should stick to...but, it's fun, and I realized a long time ago that my creative energy is never going to be focused on one thing, so I'm okay with it.

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