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Burners and Style!

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Jick interview says:


One thing I had that helped me emensely was a mentor type enviornment from the crew that I would eventually push. I go to shows or walls here and there and I hear a lot of older style guys complaining about this one or that one biting them or how that they invented everything that ever existed…and just being surly about it. What I don’t see much of is those guys who DID add so much to the style game taking some of the younger guys that they complain about “not doing it right” and telling them how to do it better. I have personally been talked down to a few times without saying who I was at a show or wall simply because of my age or that I wasn’t up on the double R’s or whatever. If no one tells younger kids how to make letters with true style they are just going to grow up looking on the internet and biting the latest trendy techniques and mashing them together without having a solid structure behind it…The Old School has an obligation to teach the younger what the elements of style that they hold so dear are or really they have no right to complain about anything, they fumbled their responsibilities to the game. At the same time, the younger generation needs to put their egos down and listen to criticism and advice…everyone gets better and elevates our city and legacy and all of those things are severely lacking in my opinion right now.


real talk right here. on onther note heres a flick.





just a few writers that inspired my work.

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soooooul train!







not the piece..the sye shoutout! haha..

just going back to the early days of this thread and pulling up some long forgotten gems.

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I dont consider myself an artist,i consider myself a writer,i write my name in style on various surfaces in various cities,for me the formula is easy i just write my name in style......

these days you got knucklehead kids riding the crest of our culture painting weak styles with high octane techniques and 500 colours,colours and techniques are used to camouflage weak styles,there is a whole new breed of kids out there that focus more on the techniques and little on the style,we live in plastic times of cheap fame and kids getting props when they aint paid their dues.....

Characters,colours,techniques,were originaly used to enhance the letter styles not take your eyes away from the style of the letters,it pains me today see the direction this culture is going in,you know when i look at a piece i take all the colours and techniques away and 90% of what i'm seeing is bullshit,weak letter structure and no real original style,then you got these off key anti styles? i mean what the f**k is all that about.... the truth of the game is if you aint got the style and if you aint got the letters then you aint got shit..... STYLE NEEDS NO COLOUR............ write your name in style.....not colour

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