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national NOSTALGIA day

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i think that there should be a national holiday called nostalgia day. you get a day off of work/school, call up some old homies, and do dumb crap that you used to love doing.


mine would go something like this:

- call up the old crew: bailey, mike, brandon, amy, cameron & sara

for a day of nostalgia (i only see a few of these guys on a regular basis, and one of them hates me now :( )


- get dressed in some retarded gap jeans, some gayass reebok classics, an armani exchange shirt (geeez...) and an abercrombie track jacket


- have breakfast at waffle house and chain smoke turkish jades (camel menthols)


- go to the mall to steal stupid crap like wallets and cologne tester bottles


- have CC's coffee and go to barnes & noble


- have a jam session on my deck while mike & david cover weezer songs


- invade the bad boys' club room....cameron is loaded and has this huuuuge house with an upstairs room belonging to his dad called "the BBC room." it's got leather couches, cognac, boxes of cubans, a big screen, and chess sets worth thousands of dollars. we'd smoke cubans, play chess and watch resevoir dogs while the girls complain


to be continued....

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- thennn we'd go to the bulldog and chain smoke black n milds (i can't believe we were so dumb) and drink long islands until we can barely walk. sara would mack on all the bartenders and mike would dominate the pool tables, of course


- then we'd all pile into my explorer (or the old school buick lesabre...i miss that p.o.s.) and drive (intoxicated maybe) through the ghetto while listening to bounce music from the early-to-mid 90's.


- hope we don't get pulled over and searched AGAIN....


- drop off the lightweihts who are now sick


- the 5 of us will head to jessica's house and we'll all pile in her parent's king-size bed and spoon the night away (boy, girl, boy, girl of course. ha.)

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Let's see...



-round up the old members of the Heartland Pyrotechnic's Assn. and build some shells/ have a shoot at night


-race some model cars on a dirt track


-play a game of soccer or two


-eat LSD constantly all day


-go to the beach and roll down the dunes / build some sandcastles. possibly see random naked person in a dinghy

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drive like 20 miles to a shitty skatepark listening to new(old now) hip hop tapes.old wu tang and whatnot.skate all day and come home exhausted to my buddies empty house.smoke a small joint and watch old movies on tv.steal some liquor from his parents liquor cabinet.wake up the next day and get a pack of newports(...) from across the street.get a sub and chill until noon.we would also go to the lakes and chill all day drinking/smoking.summer vacation was the life back in the day.skateboarding was a big part of my life back then.watching skate videos.

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hang out with femi,

man i havent seen him in about 4 years, which is sad

since i used to see him everyday. heard he was in ny.

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